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Jul 07

Looking at weird type of porn?

Is it weird if people get aroused to incestual porn, not rape porn, but i’ve looked at incest porn before and it’s been a turn on, but i can’t tell if it’s just the milf, femdom, dominate thing, is it normal, i don’t have incest feelings of anyone, just sometimes that kind of porn is a turn on

Apr 07

The Feminization of The Black Man http

Feb 07

feminization is wrong, but hey, its their decision, even though its nasty?

yes i think feminization is sick and disgesting. i asked a question on who thinks so, and how much we should end this but they are right, its their own feelings. even htough i think feminization should be over, who cares, its their own fault. they will reliase what they are doing is sick one day. but hey, its their own feelings, so let them do this nast ything themself. alright

Jul 19

Love, Marriage, and Stinking Thinking – The Feminization of America

Mark talks about “girly men” and the feminization of America and the Church, including Dr. Steven Clark’s list, The Signs of a Feminized Man. Mark and Debbie talk about teaching men to live by their feelings not being a good idea. For more information on the show and more of Mark Gungor, please check out our website,

Jun 17

are the femdom mistress also cold and heartless as they are shown in the video?

do they really treat other people and submissives man as shit and do not care for their feelings?