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Feb 02

2012 02 01 Thoughts regarding attaining a feminine voice for Transwomen

I decided to bite the bullet and do a ‘So you’re thinking about changing your voice’ video. Whats follows are things to think about when trying to find your pitch. There are many steps after that, however, it is one of the best places to start.

Dec 31

8 Month Hormone Effects (before and after)

This is a video demonstrating the effects I’ve had with hormones over the last 8 months. The piano piece is an original improvisation to the slideshow. Feel free to be critical of the pictures, but please not the piano… I started playing in August 2009 and know little of the instrument. If interested, please check my other hormone effect videos for additional pictures.

Jul 22

How to Crossdress for Comedy: Male to Female Transformation Tutorial

Thanks for Subscribing! Here’s a little good-natured ribbing at the expense of performers and comedians who sloppily crossdress for comedy. After doing some extensive research, I compiled an easy-to-follow list of five steps that will quickly have you slaying audiences by simply showing up in drag. DUDE CHANNEL – GAMING CHANNEL – VLOG CHANNEL – TWITTER – FACEBOOK – WEBSITE – GAMING BLOG – http Please remember to share this video, add to favorites and give thumbs up! Thank You!!! Look out for a brand new video next Tuesday!! (and perhaps a bonus video on Friday) Thank you so much for watching, I really appreciate your support!!! Love Always Jessica De Leon About Jessica Who? A born comedian, Jessica De Leon performs stand-up and Improv in addition to creating YouTube videos under the stage name Jessica Who? When asked to describe her style of comedy, Jessica had this to say, “Take Chris Rock, Eddie Izzard, Ru Paul, George Lopez, Saturday Night Live, Jim Carrey, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Ghostface Killah in a blender and set it to smoothie”. No, literally do this. Her male counterpart is Louie Barra, whom you can find at Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod –

May 12

How To Really Be a Passable Girl, Changes since Feminization – MTF Transsexual Life

My Pennsylvania accent really comes out bad in this one, haha… That’s what happens when I actually have a lot to say. Some written rules to becoming REAL (“The Most Passable You”). Please take the recommendations about diet seriously. A healthy diet provides so much more than just boosted feminization (along with self-empowerment and HRT): It can provide you with an extended and rejuvenated life, a much more pristine perception of the world, and a greater overall experience of happiness. Don’t sell yourself cheap! If you would like a basic groundwork to modify your diet to a generally more healthy state, I suggest you read the book FANTASTIC VOYAGE, by Ray Kurzweil. Although I don’t follow the exact diet outlined in the book (I make some extra modifications), it is more than enough to provide you with life-extension. As a bonus: The book is also filled with informative foresight on biotechnological and nanotechnological advancement to come!

Dec 27

How much does it cost for female feminization surgery ?

how much would it cost for ffs ?

and before starting estrogen will it have some effect on my face so i wouldnt have to have ffs ?
im 16 yrs old but the only thing is my adams apple so
if i wouldnt need ffs
how much would it be for getting rid of your adams apple ?

Nov 24

Feminization changes and you, step 1 of 2 has your solution to make the feminization change in your life easier. The secret is to take action and learn to accept who you really are. Transgender transformation can be easier and is starting to gain popularity and acceptance. Step 2 is at the link above.