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Aug 16

Can Breatharians exercise? I know I can ;-) No mercy fitness, part 1.

Nothing fancy but not bad either, for a guy who does not eat, if I may say. And I do not get any break from my sadistic female fitness trainer 😉 She has me do it all! The kinds of extreme exercises, in order: sit ups, push ups, hard plank exercise, elevated pushups, exhaustive jumps, step-ups, stair running…all timed and working me until exhaustion! I loved every second of it 😉 My feet got dirty though… YouTube raw file name: ExerciseProgram.wmv

Sep 16

Femdom ~ — ~ Financial Domination and slavery

Part Two: Attention: Financial slaves, paypigs, cashcows, the clock is ticking and time is running out for this offer to be my financial slave. Message me here on Youtube to apply. I will be taking on only one new candidate.

Jul 27

Sexy Dominant Woman 2

Video of a sexy young dominant woman wrestling a weak man id like to trade videos i have many so if you have any lets trade

Jul 18

Jordan’s Trailer

Miss Jordan has a cuckold in training. She strictly keeps him in her closet so his only outlet is to hear her lovemaking with her partners—though he is in chastity all the time! Today she lets him out as a reward for the lingerie he purchased for her. However, she puts him in his place with several wicked things for him to endure.