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Aug 07

Cuckold Time Episode 6 “The Surprise”

Krissy (formally known as Nick) has come home from running errands to hear Jen having some fun with her lover. Afterwards, they discuss plans for the evening and reminisce right before Jen feeds Krissy a big slice of humble pie. The SURPRISE SAGA begins..

Apr 10

Mistress Femdom Blackmail

Femdom Mistress Irony blackmails her sissy chastity slave.

Sep 20

GcupBitch cuckold keyholder tease deny femdom domme – http – For a custom video request: Can you do a video where you are wearing tiny chastity cage keys on a necklace dangling in your heart stopping cleavage please. It would be a tease and denial type video where you control the key to my chastity cage and will probably never let me get hard and cum again. Just be your clean up cuckold after you return from dates with real men. Because real men can cum anytime they want, and little dick cuckolds stay locked in chastity and just perform clean up duties. That is as close as I get to cumming is eating real mens cum from and off of your amazing body.

Jul 18

Jordan’s Trailer

Miss Jordan has a cuckold in training. She strictly keeps him in her closet so his only outlet is to hear her lovemaking with her partners—though he is in chastity all the time! Today she lets him out as a reward for the lingerie he purchased for her. However, she puts him in his place with several wicked things for him to endure.