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Feb 08

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #9: Eye Shadow

Continuing with advice for the eyes, it’s time to talk about eye shadow. One more weapon in your arsenal to bring your eyes to the forefront.

Jan 03

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #11: Tucking

Ok the time has come for me to address tucking. It’s by far the most requested topic so I think I’ve let you folks wait long enough on addressing this issue.

Dec 20

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #7: Wigs & Hair

Few things change your overall look quite like a new head of hair. However there are a few traps to avoid and hopefully this will help.

Nov 26

1950’s Sex Change

TG Tales are for fun and entertainment. This time we go retro.

Sep 03

Crossdressing Tips for Beginners #5: Eyeliner

Coming back to make-up and start talking about eyes. This time it’s going to be eyeliner.

Dec 17

Feminized Husbands Gameshow – Backstage Special

If you are new here please read the channel profile info before commenting.

Sep 15

Feminize Him

Promotional video for the Feminize Him (FHM) organization, showing the photo shoot for their latest magazine. If you are new to TGtales please read the notes in the Profile box on the TGtales channel home page before commenting.

Jun 28

Feminization Machine

A quick/fun TGtale of a man whose wife has decided he needs to get in touch with his feminine side, and gets even more than she bargained for.. Original sources are and a great artist called Fection.

Jun 01

Feminize – xmas gifts promo

If your wife or girlfriend needs help with your xmas gift maybe show her this.