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Paula’s getting closer to being ‘The Millionairess’ (crossdressing)

After looking more closely at the clip, I have changed my outfit as seen here. Future improvements will be the addition of white gloves, a floppy wide brimmed hat, earrings, a triple string of pearls, and more stylish shoes (that are the right size! these size 5s are crippling!) No doubt proper RHT stockings and a more nipped waist, 29″ is not good enough! uvs120220-021.AVI

lateXperiment – Valerie Tramell

Valerie Tramell, the pink latex barbie wakes up in bed totally dressed in a latex barbie catsuit with a tight corset. Put’s on black, shiny ballet heels. Full video in HD quality available on Sunday at www.latexperiment.com Barbie-Catsuit & Corset made by http Ballet Heels from www.boga-heels.com