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Sep 05

So I posted a FEMDOM ad on craigslist…?

I decided to post an ad on craigslist (women seeking men) titled "Want to get DOMINATED?" Basically I was looking for men who wanted to get dominated sexually by me. This included spitting on them, choking them, verbally degrading them, and penetrating them orally and anally with my strap on.

I kid you not my email got blown up with responses until the ad was finally flagged for removal. I got about 20 hits within the first 30 minutes. One guy wanted me to meet him IMMEDIATELY. I wasn’t going to follow through because I originally posted the ad as a joke and out of curiosity just to see how many replies I would get… but I’m a pretty wild chick so I decided to just bite the bullet and meet up with him. He was tall, looked about 215 pounds or so and said he was 35. (I’m 22) It was my first time doing something like this and I must say my eyes have really been opened, now more than ever. Now I know a lot of you probably think I’m LYING and making this all up and if you do, that’s fine!

Bottom line I just find it amusing, because there are quite a few misogynistic pigs on GS who have warped views on women. But it seems there are many MORE men who secretly wish to be objectified by a woman. There are a lot of psychos on craigslist but I plan on doing this again.

@ Incubus – I carried a knife on me when I met the dude. I’m short and he was a lot taller than me and I placed a condom on my strap on. I wasn’t drunk or high… I think he may have sniffed some coke or something beforehand tho. He let me spit in his mouth… It was a crazy experience, I’ve never done something like that before

May 07

Do you think Eden Abergil is hot?

I think some US porn company may offer her a job in a Movie, I would like a CFNM theme maybe or a Femdom theme you know this beauty chick torturing sexually the terrorist bad guys.

What do you think?

May 06

Have Men Become Feminized?

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Jan 21

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