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Apr 10

Mistress Femdom Blackmail

Femdom Mistress Irony blackmails her sissy chastity slave.

Jan 26

Femdom Podcast #3 – Part 6 featuring Mistress Irony and “Slave 2.0” stream their podcast LIVE for the first time! Talking about everything female domination related as well as taking questions from the live chat, skpe calls, talking about behind the scenes of shooting adult entertainment, funny stories and more!

Jan 25

Male Chastity Device – CB-3000 Complete Package on Display

Here is my wife displaying our new CB-3000 male chastity device. At the very end she shakes the keys to let me know who’s in control. After a week of wearing this thing I’m dying to touch her, so it’s definitely put a spark back into our relationship.

Aug 16

devilish plan

Well now… my Devilish plan… collecting a nice set of perverts and us all laughing all the time in a perverted 24/7/365 party world. Neat… hmmm? So if you’re an outcast… a dirty lil thing… and you think you need a place to come relax a bit, maybe get away from it all… well… let me just say… come on down… Poke the site, read the links… Like The X-Men, or The Watchmen or even The Avengers… We’re going to be doing some super… perverting… and you’ll even get a chance to wear some stained… tights… Poke the links here on youtube,. you’ll learn a thing or two.