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Dec 15

TLOG 73: The 25 Question Game – I Promise this is the last one!

The 25 Question Game 1. What’s your favorite color? 2. What’s your favorite article of clothing? 3. Do you play an instrument? (If so, what is it?) 4. How old were you when you got your first kiss? 5. What month is your birthday in? 6. Did you have a sweet sixteen birthday party? 7. What book would you recommend others to read? 8. Where is your favorite place? 9. Do you love to spend time in libraries? 10. What would you do with a million dollars? 11. When are you the happiest? 12. What is a favorite thing about yourself? 13. What is your most embarrassing moment? 14. Who did you last take a picture with? 15. What is your dream job? 16. What is your dream car? 17. Name one item you can’t live without. 18. Name one lesson in life you have learned. 19. What is your favorite thing to do with a day off? 20. What is your favorite food of all time? 21. Favorite place in the world? 22. Favorite band? 23. List the perfect day. 24. Best number!? 25. Best asset of yourself?

Jun 03

Feminization Tips Just For You!

May 04

Vocal Fold Shortening (Voice Feminization Surgery of transgender)

Post-operation voice is 5 months after the operation. Fundamental Frequency has increased from 102Hz to 201Hz.

Apr 11

The New Feminized Majority–How Democrats Can Change America

The New Feminized Majority–How Democrats Can Change America With Women’s Values. Katherine Adam and Charles Derber explore the changing voter focus as the need for social change over shadows the fear of terrorists. Just like with the New Deal, the rise of the Feminized Majority presents an opportunity for the Democrats to become the governing power for decades. Adams and Derber’s present thought provoking voting trends as the political climate rapidly changes.

Nov 19

The feminization of Michael Jackson 2: Quotes

For 32 years the media cast doubt on Michael Jackson’s masculinity, eventually blaming him for the freakish image that THEY had created.

Oct 10

The feminization of Michael Jackson 1: Voice

Phony portrayals of Michael Jackson’s voice were the main weapon the media used to degrade his masculinity. A practiced falsetto singer, Jackson was often shy and tense in interviews, which caused him to speak softly. The media ran with this, often portraying him with the voice of a girl. Over the years, the caricatures drowned out Michael’s real voice, but you can hear it clearly in these clips. (All original content belongs to the copyright holders, and has been used selectively for illustration, example, and to provoke discussion.)

Jul 24

Transgender Voice Feminization Surgery II

This is another clip of pre & post operation of Voice Feminization Surgery. She had a very low tone of voice before the surgery, but the tone got a lot higher after the surgery.

Jul 21


PLEASE LEAVE ANNOTATIONS ON! THEY CORRECT AN ERROR NEAR THE END. READ THE DESCRIPTION! Of course, you probably won’t, but that’s just rude! I’ve been noticing that I’ve been getting a lot more attention lately. I’ve received a fair few new subscribers in the past weeks alone, by just sitting here and doing nothing! How awesome is that? I’ve also been getting over 9000 requests for feminization videos since I started making videos, and the requests never stopped. So I’ve caved in and I made a set of videos, one for man to woman and another for woman to man. This video screams adult content, so you should be 18 or over to view… Not like people actually care. Also, no trigger required. I’ve come to the realization that trigger videos are stupid. I do full on inductions at the start of all my videos anyway, so I’ll just save you all 10 minutes of your lives from now on (because I’m a kind master). This video involves you walking around at one point, and talking out loud at another, so you may want to be alone for this. You need to WANT to be hypnotized for this to work. Your mind needs to be open and accepting. I recommend sitting in silence, lights off isn’t exactly recommended, but dimming may be good if you have trouble focusing or anything.

Jun 18

Voice Feminization Surgery for Transgender

This video clips shows before & after the voice of Transgender who has done Voice Feminization Surgery. She had the surgery at Yeson Voice Center in Seoul, South Korea