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Nov 08

NaNoWriMo Blog 6 Feminization

The daily word count on my stats page is current and accurate and up-to-date and has been since November 5. Prior to that, I actually had written more words than I was posting each day since I had taken a head start.

Apr 07

The Feminization of The Black Man http

Dec 21

trans-passing-MtF/feminization//everyday makeup///tips

vry long video. i go over how to help your appearance look more feminine, highlight and contouring, blush colors and application, fake eyelashes, a little natural/minimal eye makeup, lipsticks and liners, and a lot more. if you’re looking for a vid that can help with ‘passing’ and just femininity tips when it comes to your makeup, this is the video for you.

Aug 05

Facial Feminization Surgery

How important is FFS to you and do you believe it is necessary? For those of you interested Alexandra’s website for virtual feminization is:

Jun 11

Forced Feminization in Prison

Author TJ Parsell discusses forced feminization and rape in prison. Lecture given at UCLA Law School. Fish: A Memoir of a Boy in a Man’s Prison