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Aug 22

Cupid’s Books Erotica – Award Winning – Xcite Books – eBooks – Audio Books offers a huge range of Award Winning erotica in eBook, Audio Book and Paperback format. Great prices across a large site. is a fun site which offers a huge range of erotic fiction.

Apr 27

Transformation College Boi to Feminine Girl LILY on Spring Break

Jamie was looking forward to spring break like many of his friends. Only he was going to be transformed and feminized into a gorgeous girl to spend 4 days enfemme, 24/7, with transformation specialist Tia Tizzianni. This is one in a series to watch for to see the various looks for Lily who has not decided to transition to full time. Please make comments as we appreciate the feedback. For more information on transformation and feminization email or google “Tia Tizzianni”

Aug 26

femdom mmf bisexual

femdom mmf bisexual

Jun 11

College Boi Transformed MtoF for Graduation Gift

Natalia chatted with Tia about being transformed for her graduation from college. This was her first time being transformed, how did she do? Leave a comment. If ur interested in transformation and feminization, email Note to YOUTUBE this is a transgendered girl not a real girl. Thank you.

Feb 17

Husband is slowly feminizing – The CTT

8 years of marriage and a total of 13 years together two years prior there were slow signs of the huband becoming more feminized.