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Feb 06

Spocks Brain – Givers of Pain and Delight

This clip from the original Star Trek episode, “Spock’s Brain” describes the female inhabitants of an planet as “The givers of pain and delight.” Their captive men are controlled by devices attached to their waists that gave pain at the touch of a button. The methods used to provide delight were not shown but may be inferred by the general appearance of the women. However the best description of the women of the planet could be charitably described as “bimbos”. It is only with the aid of an organically based computer (driven by a disembodied brain, in this case Spock’s ) they they survive at all. This clip is used to support an article on Female Dominance in Science Fiction published at

Aug 04

Diana Rigg as The Queen of Sin

DVD clip from The Avengers episode A Touch of Brimstone. Censored in the US on 1st broadcast for content.This is in support of an article on FemDom in Science Fiction at

Jun 29

I’m Bambi … and I’m Thumper

James Bond (Sean Connery)gets a kick (or three) from Bambi and Thumper Lola Larson and Trina Parks (uncredited) in this clip from Diamonds Are Forever