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Jun 25

Sexy Fighter Sridevi

SRIDEVI is a Goddess of mixed fight. She beat any man easily with little smile in her face. That indicates they are very poor to fight and she is very strong.Goons surprised her beautiful face and structure. She escapes from goons by jumps and do some flying kicks. She pick hockey stick from them and beat with laugh.

Sep 28

WVU iron furnace in action

Iron melts at 2800° F So this Furnace is running at close to 3000° F. The WVU Metal Casting class preformed our first iron pour of the year on Wednessday, January 17, 2007. Go to to see the artwork after the pour. The song accompanying is “This Fire” by Franz Ferdinand.

Jan 14

Drag vs. Cross Dressing Explained

Welcome to the Diary of a Mad Drag Queen! All opinions expressed in this video are my own. I was not paid in any way. ————————————— I briefly discuss the difference between Drag Queens, Cross Dressers, Transvestites, Transgendered people, and Transexuals. Then I expand on the art of Drag. *****Please understand, I am, in no way, trying to give scientific definitions of cross dressing, or any other of these, I’m only trying to give a very, VERY basic explanation. ***** ————————————— facebook: ————- Intro song: “Maggie’s Intro” by Magnolia Crawford. All rights reserved.

Dec 21

Boys dressed like girls / young crossdresser

Boys dressed like girls / young crossdresser