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May 17

“Female Ego Boosted USA/Western world” (JUST CLICK)

Bill Maher on the feminization of society Patrice O’Neal on the Constitution and America (Opie and Anthony)

Apr 15

The Feminization Of Breacher and Bumblebee

From robots to girly girls. I need to start working on my series before people lose interest!

Jan 26

Crossdressing Before and After

Bad editing I know, let us know what you think. And thanks everyone for subscribing, 100 already Wow.

Jan 13

FFS Facial Feminization Surgery Before and After.wmv

Jan 05

Patrizia use scissorholds to squeeze

Jan 01


Dec 23

Fuchsia in bikini applies reverse headscissor armbar

Dec 20


Dec 17

brat girl heather beats a bitch boy:)

Dec 06

Lee’s Priceless Legs