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Sep 11

If i was born a girl can i still get facial feminization surgery?

Im a 15 year old girl & people always say i have masculine features. they always say is that a man or woman? she got a long ass head & look like tran ect. Can getting facial feminization surgery help change my face shape?

Aug 06

how do i tell bf that i’m into..?

i like HOM & being dominated, as well as femdom. how do i let him know w/o seeming weird?

Mar 13

Cross Dressing Male – Should Feminization & Cross Dressing Be Kept a Secret?

Any tips on buying clothes & make up discreetly?

Mar 09

What are your opinions on the feminization of America?

Nov 27

Why are people turned on by femdom porn?

Needless to say, I’ve been around the block a little bit when it comes to internet porn. But what I never found attractive and don’t understand why it is attractive is femdom porn. Not just the whole whips & chains thing, but also anything involving a couple and a young teenage girl. Specifically, why is it always that the woman in the femdom position of dominating the guy or girl some horse faced bitch with short hair, broad chin, harsh facial lines & otherwise looks totally unattractive in the first place?

Now I realize the majority of you are going to come on here and give me plane Jane answers like "It’s all about personal taste" and blah blah blah blah. But I hope one of you actually tries to look at things from my perspective and give me a straight answer as to why these troll faced femdoms are considered hot.
Thanks to all who answered this question so quickly. Especially The Accomplice with his sources.

And yeah, wtf is up with Miley Cyrus & Horse Porn? I suppose those are questions best reserved for another day.

Oct 07

Is Forced Feminization the only path to real freedom?

Mistresses are the only True Gods!
jon von, my Mistress is my life. Thank you for acknowledging Her & wishing me well.

Sep 19

why dos Liberalism encourage the feminization of men?

think about it for a sec here. back in the day ladies liked real men lik John Wayne & Clint Eastwood. now they lik Robert Pattinson & the Jonas Sisters