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Sep 25

i am obsessed with femdom, and i cant quit, can you help!?

I am 32, married with a child, i am a successful business man and i can have whatever i want, i am very powerful in my job and i make very important descisions everyday, but i got stock with Female domination 10 years ago since my ex-girlfriend dumped me for another man, since then i am surfing pay sites, masturbating 3 times a day, asking hookers to humiliate me and spank me, now it is getting worse i am delaying my business travels an extra day or two to go to proffessional dominatrixs, i am so hooked up with FEMDOM, and i dont want it anymore but everytime i decide not to go there, there is an urge inside of me that makes me weak, female manicured feet make me so weak, the main problem is that i am not sleeping with my wife anymore and i am isolating my self from people, my only concern is to find a good mistress to spank me, i wonder if there are 100% loyal men out there, or am i really a pig, i know i am not, i just want out, i wanna like normal sex again, how can i do it, help!