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So you want to be a pornstar?

Alex thinks he's strait, but when he agrees to take money from his degenerate friend then can't pay it back, he finds out there is a price to pay. This strait boy forced to play the female lead in an underground porn. He is quickly and brutally transformed from strait college boy to a crossdressing fuck bitch for a group of sexy horny men with big dicks and lots of cum.

Bosses Bitch

Alex's Boss sends him home for the weekend to become the sissy boy he wants him to be. Alex's girlfriend catches him masturbating, and humiliates him even more, letting him know that, his boss and her are in on his Forced Femme at the office together.

Breakfast in Bed

Real life Femdom tells of her experiences Very Hot!!

Third visit to madams (part 4 of series)

Submissive is back for another round of Madame! Chapter 4


Education of Holly Part 1

This is the first installment of a series about a college girl willing to do anything for a good grade from her Professor/Master.