"You Fantasize about a Woman Humiliating you and Feminizing you"


Excerpts from Stories that you will Soon be Reading

Basketball player gets feminized A small man has fantasized about crossdressing from an early age. When his wife finds a strange number on the phone bill, she calls the number, talks to the phonesex girl, and forces him to wear a bikini .

"Along with my public prowess on the court, I have another more secret past time I like to pursue. You see, when I was a little boy, my step-sister use to dress me up in her clothes as a means of punishing and humiliating me. Even after I grew and began to play high school ball, my step-sister maintained a psychological grip on me. Though always bigger than me, I suppose I didn't have to go along with her demands. After all I stood up to power forwards all the time on the court, I certainly could have stood up to her. the fact is I didn't. She knew exactly the way to talk to me, to embarrass me, to threaten me in a way that would make me do what she wanted. And what she wanted were usually small things. She made me wear a g-string panty under my gym shorts to the state high school championship game. She said she did it so that even if I hit the game winning shot I would still be able to feel that string of tight nylon scraping against my hole, I would know that I was just her little bitch. "
Forced Femme Slut - part 1 Seems that he got himself into a little trouble with Mistress and now has to bring shaving cream, razors and stockings to the Mansion, but he's not sure why...

"The drive out to Madam's seemed to take forever. The package in the seat reminding him that he had angered Her the last time he was with Her. At each stoplight he had reached out to take the items that he had purchased at Her instruction out but resisted the urge at the last moment. he knew very well what was in the bag, Her instructions had been very explicit. A very sharp new razor, a can of shaving cream and a pair of stockings that would fit him, the old type with a seam up the back of them. He had almost bought a pair of pantyhose until he saw that they said that instead of stockings and that there were packages that said just that...stockings. It had taken him several minutes to realize the difference and then decide what length that he needed.

Fear coursed through him again as he got closer to Her home at what the items in the package might mean. he knew that lori was too small to wear the stockings that he had purchased and he also knew that Madam would not be able to wear them as well., his gut tightened at the thought that She meant for him to put them on, the thought frightening him but exciting him as well."

Forced Femme Slut - part 2 Slut is back at Mistress's and being forced to wear make-up, stockings, and a cock-ring. He makes such a good little femme-slut.

He finally got into the store and found the department that he had been instructed to go to by lori. The young girl behind the counter had just taken the sheet of paper from his hands when he tried to tell her he needed these items. A few times she had glanced back at him as if to ask a question and then had not, returning to gathering the items that had been listed. She returned back to where he stood and showed him the various items one at a time. Explaining how to apply the dermacare makeup and how that he would need to shave very close prior to applying it. He could feel his face growing red as she continued on with her explanations. She finally looked up at him and smiled.

“Hey it is ok. I get a lot of men coming in to get makeup. No biggie and I are sure you will look real cute when you get done with it. Play with the eye shadow some, I think you will find that if you feather it out on the edges it will really make your eyes look fantastic.” She explained.

He just stared at her, the thought of saying to her that it was not for him never crossing his mind. He just nodded as she continued to gaze at him and slowly got out his billfold to pay for the purchases. When she was all done ringing up the sale she handed him a few samples that were in a different color.

“These are for lori and I will tell her that you didn’t deny that you were buying the makeup for yourself. Madam will be pleased with you. Now you better hurry.” She said as she started to turn away. “And I do hope to see you femmed sometime, I really meant it when I said I thought you would look cute.”

Hypnotized by Chelsea

:Alex has been bothering sexy Chelsea for several months. She offers to erotically hypnotize him to get him to stop bothering her. While hypnotized, Alex is led to picture himself as a woman having sex.

"The way that you can please me is by being a gorgeous, beautiful, succulent 19 year old girl. Not any old girl, but a true beauty. I want you to take a moment and allow yourself to imagine this girl, the girl is what your unconscious chooses as the perfect size and weight, first I want you to picture what the perfect females beautiful painted toes would look like, would they be polished or clear, what is the color of the polish, are you wearing shoes, or are you still barefoot."

"Yes, now I want you to imagine your vagina - your perfect little vagina, take a moment and sit cross-legged, let your cute girly skirt hike up and examine the folds of your pussy. Maybe its shaved clean or groomed in a way that's appealing to you, after all you are most incredibly gorgeous and beautiful girl in the entire world and your vagina looks just as you would expect the most perfect and succulent lickable, fuckable vagina to look.
Oooooh notice your vagina is tingling, down there at the base of it by your perineum, the clean smooth beautiful stretch of skin that stretches achingly from your vagina to your asshole. Your asshole is so beautiful, pink and rosey, like a little deliciously clean button surrounded by two incredibly toned and shaped globes of your perfect ass. You love your ass don't you? You think your ass is the most incredible ass ever, and it feels so good now as you get on your hands and knees and arch your back so that your pert tight ass sticks high up in the air, and your flat incredible tummy stretches taught."

Sorority Sex Slave

I wondered how I got myself into this, as I stared at the five shaved glistening pussies pointed at my face - but wasn't it obvious? I'd brought it on myself

"You little bitch." Trina said interrupting my thoughts. I froze and the blood drained out of me. "You filthy, thieving, little whore. The other girls said you were trash, but I stood up for you . . . “Suddenly I saw the other four behind Trina, laughing, smiling, and looking at me demonically. Trina continued, "I didn't believe them when they called you a little gutter cunt, I told them you were nice. I even brought up the idea of leaving the money out, never believing you'd fall for such an obvious trick. And here you are now - caught, red handed. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Look at you, just a simple, little, gutter, whore, tramp - you really thought we let you pledge because we liked you, didn't you?" I nodded, I had begun to cry, but Trina seemed to take pleasure in my tears. "That's a laugh, a poor, flat, church mouse like you being a tri-delt? What a joke. We let you pledge for one reason only - we'd knew you'd make a good little pussy licker, and we need a little house slut to keep us happy - isn't that right girls?" The rest of the girls laughed and started to unbutton their shirts.

"What are you doing?" I asked.
"We waited a long time for you to fuck up little whore, and now we want what's ours - its your choice, do what I say or be thrown onto the street." What could I do? I nodded sadly, and bit my lower lip. The next few minutes were a blur, I was blindfolded and stripped to my panties, my wrists were tied behind my back, and I was placed on my knees. A long moment passed, and I thought it might all be a joke, a way to teach me a lesson, but then I sensed a hotness in my face, and a very delicate aroma.


And also many more Femdom / Fetish stories will be added Every Month
Including the Following

a1 first visit to madams
writings of a new submissives visit to Madam's house.
c5 the day after
Lisa woke up the next morning to find herself still tied to the bed. Her arms and legs were sore from being in the same position for so long, but she was not really uncomfortable. In fact she was quite content. Finally she had found what she had been searching for.
I knelt down between her legs and grabbed her hard cock. As I slid it between my lips she put her heels on my back and dug them in. The pain was incredibly sexy as I sucked her. Tasting precum I began to pump the shaft as I sucked the head, wanting to taste more of her. I slide one hand between her legs and began to play with her asshole, sliding two fingers in and finger fucking her using my spit as lube.
my name is troy
My name is Troy. I have always been dominant. I like being in control, it makes things easier. I want to know what my employees are doing, what my wife and what my kids are doing. I have never found it difficult to find submissive women, for some women it’s normal. Others need to be trained. Especially the feminist ones.
the taking
Mock rape of a woman by 4 men in an abandoned warehouse.
a2 second_visit
Very nice Fem Dom story of a submissives journey to his Madam's. Chapter Two
anal about my birthday
Kim ran out of the room, I thought I had upset her, but she returned in a few seconds with a tube of Vaseline. She tossed the tube over to me and jumped onto the bed.
Man watches his transsexual girlfriend shower and then gives her a facial cum shot.
"It dipped down between her legs and licked her pussy and then tore it's way free, shredding her leather pants. It slid down one leg, the blade dangerously caressing her flesh, licking her all the way to the ankle. She didn't care for the value of the outfit any more. . .it was useless. The rope pulled back and allowed the blade to strip her bare. To ravage her and leave her exposed."
biz or pain
Hotel owner watches buisiness man dominated by a harsh Domme. She forces him to take a golden shower.
a3 loris turn with madam
"Does that hurt my little pain slut?" "Oh God, yes Mistress!". Chapter 3
Alex's Boss sends him home for the weekend to become the sissy boy he wants him to be. Alex's girlfriend catches him masturbating, and humiliates him even more, letting him know that, his boss and her are in on his Forced Femme at the office together.
breakfast in bed
Real life Femdom tells of her experiences Very Hot!!
Submissive is given a collar and has to earn it and then be marked as territory with a golden shower.
Guy humiliates his slave, by peeing on her, telling her when to cum. And making her clean up the mess they made.
a4 third visit to madams
Submissive is back for another round of Madame! Chapter 4
b1 the decision
Joe decided that he would pose the question to Lisa about whether or not she was willing to give herself mind, body, and soul to him. Joe felt that Lisa was ready to make this commitment to him. And he had decided that he would find out tonight. Joe had decided to find out if Lisa was ready and willing to accept a collar from him
Lactating woman is displayed and milked in a public park.
MaleDom makes his slave say her bedtime prayers while he brutally whips her. Then she give him his bedtime blowjob like a good little slave.
a happy marriage
As my wife related Terry’s story to me, I could tell that her panties were getting wet by the way she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. Before she finished the story, I knew that Janet would have to have this stud.
Alex thinks he's strait, but when he agrees to take money from his degenerate friend then can't pay it back, he finds out there is a price to pay. This strait boy forced to play the female lead in an underground porn. He is quickly and brutally transformed from strait college boy to a crossdressing fuck bitch for a group of sexy horny men with big dicks and lots of cum.
when in rome
The girl eyed me for a long moment, as if considering her options, and then with a decisive nod, she reached for my penis. She began stroking me as we kissed and my hands gravitated towards her perfect little tits.
b2 the decision pt2
The whipping went on for what seemed like hours. Lisa lost all track of time and all she was aware of were the lashes from the crop falling on her ass. After a while Joe stopped and moved to a different position to lay some stripes on another part of her ass.
education of holly
This is the first installment of a series about a college girl willing to do anything for a good grade from her Professor/Master.
Real life Femdom tells of her experiences Very Hot!!
b3 moving day
In fact that had happened the very first time she was turned over as a sex slut to another man. He had fucked her ass and came deep inside her. Joe was furious with Lisa for that! He drug into the playroom and shackled her to the table. For the next 12 hours he alternated between whipping her ass and forcing the biggest dildo he could find into her ass.
education of holly part 2
Second installment of Hollys education. She's out fucking her boyfriend when she should be home studying to make her Professor happy.
A guy with a severe shoe and foot fetish, go's into a shoe store and masturbates on the shoes.
a helping hand
Anyway, I was giving the old rod a pretty good waxing when it happened. Mrs. Lee, our next door neighbor just walked in. She has a good relationship with my parents and my mom always says that if we aren’t home and Mrs. Lee needs something, for her to just help herself. Well, I don’t think what happened next was what my mom had in mind.
abduction bedroom
bedroom abduction story
one day after work
Wife ties up hubby with pantyhose and has her way
Great stroy about a Master that makes his slave make herself wet enough for him to fist fuck her.
b4 housework
She no longer wore panties. This was one of the things that Joe had ordered. She also started wearing only shelf bras. This left the major portion of her tits from the nipple up exposed. This allowed Joe to tweak them and play with them at his convenience.
education of holly part 3
Poor Holly didn't get her work done like she was supposed to, Professor is starting to educate her in the ways of being his slut. This is installment three of a series.
Master takes his slave shopping, and makes her earn her slutty red teddy and lipstick, in the back hall of the mall.
b5 rebellion
Joe walked into the house to find Lisa walking around in panties. This was against the rules of the house. Lisa knew that the wearing of panties was to be allowed only when she was on her period or when Joe, her Master, had ordered her to. But she felt like being a little rebellious today. And it would cost her dearly!
ball sucking bisexual pussy whore01
Jeremy's friend Alex is a serious Ladies Man. All the hottest women want him, and he's nice enough to let Jeremy tag along. But when it comes to the hot sex, Jeremy learns exactly why all the women think Alex is so hot. This set is so hot its flammable. Its perfect for subscription services offering new content every month.
erica and jack
A man interrupts his wife and his friend on the verge of an affair. His wife has heard him talking about his fantasies of feminization in his sleep. She decides to turn her husband's feminine urges against him, to the sexual amusement of all involved.
me chapter01
Hot Pro stories of a Female Dominating a man, having some nice "Morning Entertainment" at his expense.
This is about Tranny bondage "Only her breasts and cock were free, the cold air seeming almost arctic in comparison to the heat of her body held within the plastic. She wiggled as much as she could, not in disobedience, but in excitement. Her entire body was on fire with anticipation of what would come next."
ball sucking bisexual pussy whore02
This is a continuation of "Born to be his Girlfriend 01. It's a Story about a guy and his buddy, with a hot gal. But he doesn't know that he's bi til this encounter. This set is so hot its flammable.
c1 first meeting
Lisa had seen his ad in the online personal section. It had said ‘Strong willed man in search of a submissive woman’. While Lisa had never thought of herself as a submissive, she was somehow drawn to the ad.
Finally satisfied with the lube job, Sabrina placed the rest of the bottle on the slaves back . . . it was safe. . .not like she was going anywhere. She stepped back to admire the sloppy wet cunt of her slave and was happy at the sight. Turning to the others in the room watching, she winked and smiled. Now the fun was to begin. They all smiled in anticipation of the show.
me chapter02
Hot Pro stories of a Female Dominating a man, having some nice "Morning Entertainment" at his expense
This is a great story about a woman needing to be spanked to the point of tears.
c2 first meeting pt2
After teasing and inspecting her Joe took her and led her to the bed. On the bed were four straps one at each corner. He instructed her to lie on the bed face up. After she did that he then placed a blindfold over her eyes and deprived her of the only sense that she could trust, her sense of sight.
She lay there and waited for his pleasure. Filled with cum, fucked in every way. She heard him dressing. She heard him pick up his keys. She heard him leave. Then she waited. Fuck toys wait, that is what they do. They fuck and they wait to be used again for pleasure. So she waited and smiled. He would be back.
"The rain lashed down onto Tiffany's nude flesh as she pulled against the ropes binding her. In mock desperation she tried to escape, hearing his footfalls on the wet rooftop. The soles of his boots clicking through the shallow puddles that gathered, the steady clicking of his approach like thundering drums in her ears. She cried out softly as he neared and she surrendered, allowing her body to go almost limp as she stood there, the cold rain making her shiver slightly."
Transsexual birthday girl is made into her own cake for the party to eat.
abduction doctor
When I came too, he had my legs, head and arms tied to the table, and was giving me a thorough vaginal exam. I couldn’t believe that, here I was with the man I’ve had a crush on for YEARS, my legs open wide, and his fingers really close to my love button.
FemDom whips and tortures her male slave, as he is "Just Flesh" to her. This story is from his perspective and how he indures the pain.
c3 the date pt1
Joe called Lisa and instructed her to meet him for dinner at a specific restaurant at a specific time. He wanted to know if she was really and truly ready to become his slave.
Masters slave returns home to report on the trip he sent her on to be used, like the little slut she is.
Then his eyes snapped open and the beautiful blue eyes were replaced with glowing golden eyes and a look of hunger like no other creature could ever understand. With a simple twist of his wrist the bonds snapped and he was free. he moved so fast she was unable to even respond before she was being flipped onto her back and thrown to the bed. His long hair hung over her and a deep growl filled his throat as he pinned her easily and began to fuck her harder and faster still.
Man has a steamy sexual dream of a transsexual lover.
Tied submissive is forced to be a tongue slave as he jacks off over her.
c3 the date part 2
After dinner Joe ordered her to cover up her tits but to not wipe her mouth. He wanted to see the reaction from the other patrons when they realized what it was that was covering her mouth and neck. It was also good training for his new slut.
my boyfriend
Couple meets another man at a resturant and brings him home for a night of lust.
his birthday
Real life Femdom tells of her experiences Very Hot!!
Secret sissy male runs out to buy lingerie while his wife is out of town. During his adventures, he gets utterly humiliated by the femdom salesgirl, then savagely fucked, used, and pissed on by truckers with huge cocks in a highway rest area.

Excerpts from Articles you will soon be Reading

Article: How to get yourself forcibly feminized Step by step guide how men might go about getting a vanilla girlfriend to force feminize them.

"Well, provided that a man, has a skilled mistress who is able to train him properly, Forced Feminization can lead to a life of total ecstacy for the lucky man. Why is this so?

One reason is that ejaculations are few and far between, while the level of sexual arousal is kept high, because of the creation and reinforcement of a fetish towards feminization and one's mistress.

Amazingly ecstatic sexual feelings that can last for hours at a time. For this to happen, certain procedures have to be followed. e.g. the man is chaste (i.e. his orgasms are controlled by his dominitrix, and are not allowed more than once or twice a month), and he is humiliated, beaten, and submissive to his mistress."

Why are forced feminization stories so erotic?

Forced feminization stories are probably the most prevalent stories on the internet regarding the transgender community.  These usually involve a domineering female that forces her husband, boyfriend, brother, son, or some other male in her life to dress and act like a woman.  This may be for sheer pleasure and amusement, or could occur because of some imbalance or misconception in the woman’s life.  It can also be used as a punishment.

One reason for the acceptance and endorsement is that the aspect of dominance can be a turn-on for some.  Just like genetic women might like the idea of being dominated – perhaps even being held down or making use of some old handcuffs on rare occasions – men who desire womanhood think about these erotic scenarios.  The simple idea of being forced into some sort of kinky feminized state makes them feel more feminine, as a party willing to accept the authority placed over them.

The peaked interest in forced crossdressing stories is sometimes due to validation.  Many transgendered women feel guilty in their decision to live a lifestyle aside from the masculine life they were born into, as though they are sinning by choosing to be involved in such activities.  It has been ground into the mentality of today’s society that this behavior is abnormal, disgusting, and even wrong and needs to be treated as though it was a disease.  Though technically, these individuals are aware of how false these determinations are, it is still easy for them to get carried away by the mentality of society and feel like they are stained or sinful.

Crossdressing tips, to help you pass as a woman

For most transvestites and transsexuals, passing as women is a major concern, and crossdressing tips come in quite handy to hide any masculine qualities.  Here are a few tips that any cross-dresser can follow to make sure that she is all the woman she can be.
First, take inventory of the characteristics that make you look masculine.  Is it an angular face, or do you have a muscular build? 

What is your least passable feature?  This is the foremost thing that must be corrected.  A masculine face can be disguised in more than one way.  Makeup can soften angles when applied correctly.  If you are having trouble making your face appear softer or more feminine, contact a makeup artist for assistance.  These professionals have gone to school to learn all the tricks that can be performed with a little makeup application.  For example, if your nose appears to large or too wide, a little blush applied to the sides can make it appear smaller and thinner, achieving a more feminine look.  If your lips are thin, a makeup artist can help you learn to apply a thin line of lip liner and lipstick in a fashion that “extends” the lips to make them appear thicker.  Also, an appropriate hairstyle can make your face appear to change shapes, so a wig that compliments a less angular face may assist you.

How to maintain your T-girl wardrobe inexpensively

Since many cross-dressers who do not wish to transition to living as a full time woman, they do not want to spend large sums of money on transvestite clothing.  Often, these “t-girls” will look for alternatives to shopping at high-dollar stores and build their wardrobe from sales and extremely reduced clearance racks.  Many will also shop garage sales, where tons of treasures can be purchased for practically nothing, and home owners don’t ask questions.

However, in the search for an excellent deal, sometimes the clothing acquired is not the most flattering for those wishing to appear feminine.  Often, garage sale attire is left over from the late 1980’s, and items on three-dollar sale racks are the wrong size or completely unflattering to a woman’s figure.  In these cases, something must be done to assist in making the attire appear to be less of a “bargain” and more of an intelligent purchase.

Plus More Every Month - Here are some Excerpts

Feminization – Outfits

If your mistress decides to feminize you, then it is entirely up to her what clothes you wear, and when you wear them.

At one extreme, the women may prefer to always keep her man feminized inside her house. She may allow him a few sets of male clothes to go to work in, and to go down to the shops. But when he is at home, he may have to dress as a sissy maid, as a nurse with white stockings, as a schoolgirl, or whatever she feels at the time.

At the other extreme, she may prefer to keep her man dressed as a man most of the time, but may just make him wear frilly panties when she decides to discipline him. This will just remind him who is boss, and she has the power to make him a pathetic slut when she chooses to.

Feminization – Scenarios

Headmistress and naughty schoolgirl

First you dress as a schoolgirl. If you don’t have an outfit, then a white blouse and black miniskirt with black nylons and heels will do.

You have to knock at the headmistress’s office. She calls you by your surname, and explains that your grades have fallen below the required standard, and that you are therefore to be punished.

The method of punishment of course has to be the cane. Either on your bare botty, or on top of your miniskirt depending on how compassionate she feels.

To show your appreciation for the beating, and as proof of your determination to do better. You will then worship her boots, and legs, before giving her pussy a good licking. (OK… this never happened at my school, but it always good to have a happy ending).

Forced Feminization in public

The most thrilling, however, is for the mistress to show off her feminized man to her friends. Many mistresses get a real buzz out of this, and are justifiably proud of the time they have put in training him.

The mistress can make the man dress up as a sissy maid, and invite some of her femdom friends over. The maid could be forced to open the door. This is especially exciting, if the maid is unaware that they are coming round, and it could be anyone, as far as he knows.

Some maid’s uniforms are so short, that the genitals are visible. This is especially humiliating if the maid is wearing a chastity device. It is at once, immediately apparent, that he is totally in the power of his mistress if he is wearing one of these. Also, many women may have not seen a chastity device before, or at least that particular model, so they may want to spend a lot of time examining it close up.

Strap on play

The best strap on dildos, are those with an attachment that penetrates the vagina of the mistress. Then she gets a pleasurable sensation with every thrust. However, it is quite common for women to orgasm without this, just from the rush of power they get by doing this.

It is important to get the man relaxed by whispering sweetly to him at first. Then his anal muscles release, and he is more accepting of the dildo. His anus needs to be progressively opened up. First by a finger, and then a very slender dildo. But everything should be well lubricated.

How to find someone to force feminize you?

Find an outgoing aggressive woman, and convert her to the femdom lifestyle

Most dominant females were introduced to this lifestyle by their submissive boyfriends and husbands.

Many of them thought the whole thing was a little weird at first, but after some investigation , they realized the amazing benefits such a lifestyle offers them. How else could they get an incredible sex life, a husband that continually adores them, all their chores done, no more arguments about anything, and also an opportunity to experience the powerful sadistic streak in them.

So do not blurt out all your embarrassing perverted desires on your first meeting. That would only make them run a mile. First, go on a few dates, and build up good communication and friendship based on shared interests. Then you could talk about female domination, and the many advantages the lifestyle has for the woman. Get them to see the advantages for them, otherwise they will just see it as something they have to do to fulfill your perversion, and this will be a big turn off.

How to be a better sissy maid

If the mistress plays with his penis every time he dresses as a maid and does the chores, he will soon also get aroused when he dresses as a maid with no penis play.

As well as the attitude, the maid must become very skilled in all tasks he is called upon to do. He should make sure to educate himself in the following areas: cooking, cleaning, doing manicures, pedicures, giving massages, washing clothes etc etc. He should do this though reading women’s magazines, reading books, and possibly going to evening classes. That way he will of much more use to his mistress, and should more easily attract one into his life.

He should make as much money as he can, so that he can give it directly to her, or at least buy her expensive presents.

He should also look the part as much as possible. It is good to keep all body hair shaved – including the genitals. Not only will this make him look more feminine, it will be a semi permanent reminder to him of his femininity and sissiness. It will also be a humiliating indication to other people who see his body, e.g. at the gym changing rooms, or at the doctors.

Cuckold Humiliation

The word cuckold comes from the French word for Cuckoo. The fact that cuckoos lay their eggs in other nests is a bit analogous to being adulterous. Hence the expression.

For cuckolding to work, a wife must have already achieved a certain level of dominance over her husband. Otherwise he may just rebel, and threaten something in return, like ending the relationship, for instance.

Then the cuckolding will increase her dominance. Usually the man will feel two very strong emotions. The first one is jealousy, which is very painful and unpleasant. The second one is extreme horniness and desire. It is this horniness that will drive him into deeper submission, as he will want you more than ever, and will do anything to make you happy.

The technique of making your husband jealous to make him more attentive or submissive is as old as the hills, and has been used since the beginning of civilization.

Forced Feminization - Psychology

Have you ever felt the urge to be forced feminized? Would you like a bitchy domineering woman to make you wear women's panties under your clothes when you go outside, and at home to dress you up in pantyhose, heels, miniskirt, and a feminine top? Or how about a sexy french maid, nurses or schoolgirl outfit? Do you want her to force you to wear lipstick, and eyeliner before fucking you hard with a strap on while calling you her dirty little slut?

Would you love to serve a superior woman while dressed in a sissy maid outfit with black stockings and heels? How about with a vibrating butt plug strapped inside your man pussy?

Do you yearn to submit totally, and accept whatever humiliation and discipline that your mistress decides to give you?

You may have had these urges since childhood, or you may only recently have discovered them. Rest assured that they are very common. The desire to be dominated sexually by a woman is the number one male fantasy.

There is so much pressure on men to achieve and to be strong, that it is an incredible relief just to surrender and to become a feminized slave.

Forced Feminization Fantasies

Many men find Forced Feminization fantasies incredibly erotic. Even if they are not lucky enough to have someone to force feminize them, they can still get massive erections and orgasms while fantasizing hard.

As well as being free, fantasies have the other advantage that no one can actually catch you. There is always a chance that a visiting relative may stumble across your XXXL French maids outfit, but no-one is aware of what goes on in our minds.

At first, a man may be totally unaware of his submissive tendencies, and then read such a fantasy on the internet, and notice that he has a massive erection. He may struggle at first with his desires, because he has this idea that it is ‘right’ to be a ‘normal’ alpha male who is always in control. However, his penis has a mind of it’s own and will usually win hands down. Penises do not normally respond to rational ideas of what is right or wrong.

So eventually, this man will realize that he is a submissive who wants to be dominated by powerful women. He wants them to feminize him, and he may lie awake at night with an erection fantasizing about this.

He may enjoy looking at femdom pornography too, as they give him some ideas for his fantasies, and give them visual images to concentrate on. But he will probably also want to create some fantasy storyline around the images. For example, the mistress is making her husband dress as a sissy maid in order to humiliate and control him, she enjoys the rush of power, and loves seeing him in such a weak and degraded state.

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