Forced Feminization of Males

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Again She presented it to his mouth, Her eyes dancing with laughter as She watching him try NOT to wiggle now on the bed. A small amount of cream was one thing, but the amount She had now placed on his was starting to slide and get warm. Besides being very cold when it first hit his skin. She nudged his lips with the tip of the berry to remind him that he needed to be paying attention to Her.

“More dear?” She purred.

“No Mistress I am quite fine. Might I be released so that I might feed You?” I am sure you have worked up quite an hunger from all of Your work.” He said.

Glancing back into the now empty bowl and down at the cream covered man, “hum well I am hungry, but we seem to be out of fruit. And I KNOW this is not on MY diet but..”Her voice trailing off as She leaned over and slowly licked along the side of his chest. Her tongue lapped at the cream that was threatening to slide off his body. TShe pushing some of the mound of cream off his nipple before licking the peaked tip clean. Her teeth nipping at the chilled tip before taking it into Her mouth, to suckle slowly on.

His hands curled around the ties as he resisted pulling free so that he might touch Her. He knew that She would stop if he did but the desire to do so was almost overwhelming. His back lifting off the bed to thrust upward toward Her, offering Her his nipple for Her to touch and bite, then crying out softly as Her teeth once more claim the hard end as She bites harder now.

She lifts Her head, a dab of cream still on the tip of Her nose and gazes down at the man restrained beneath Her. “Now what should I do with you?” She purred.

His answer came without thought “use me for Your pleasure Mistress”.

Her hand sliding down his cream slickened body and came to rest on his hard cock. Using the cream as a lubricant, She slowly started stroking up and down the shaft, Her thumb rubbing across the tip of the purple head, teasing it again and again as She stroked him, tugging slightly at the end of each one, almost lifting him slightly off the bed. Her nails running lightly down the underside of the shaft and then continuing down his balls. Pausing for a moment to cup them under the balls, feeling his balls tighten, the sac hardening, before drawing them back upward, adding a little more pressure as racked the tips of the nails slowly up his balls. The tips catching and holding slightly over the hard ridges of his sac and then releasing to catch and hold on the next ridge.


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