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"Ummmmm hello pet. No one was awake to get Me food….so I had to fend for Myself and this was all I could find. Would you like a bite?" She asked as She dipped another berry into the cold whipped cream, swirling it around and then bringing the strawberry up to his mouth. "It really is quite good you know."

Jade eyes twinkle with merriment as She watches the emotions scurry across his face. Shock…anger….longing…and a budding desire as he slowly gives in to the erotic use of his body as Her table. She holds the fruit just out of reach of his questing lips, Her eyebrow raised as She waits for him to ask for a bite…teasing him….wanting him to beg Her to feed him the fruit.

"Well baby? Hungry?" She asked as She held the fruit just out of his reach.

His gray eyes darkened with desire as he watched not only the fruit but also Her body as She swayed back and forth on the bed. He nodded slowly, his eyes focusing on Her not wishing to break the moment or lose the magic.

The tiny dimple flashed and then a playful look replaced it as She slowly lowered the piece of fruit to his lips, swirling the cream across them and then pushing just a tiny bit for him to open his mouth to take the bite from Her hand. He lifted his head just a little trying to nip Her fingers and grazed the sides of them softly with his teeth. A wicked laugh burst from Her lips as She pulled Her fingers back and pretended to count them.

“Hum I think hungry was an understatement. Ravenous more like it My sweet?” She asked as She picked up a bigger piece of fruit and dangled it over his lips.

He promptly opened his mouth and presented his tongue for Her to place the piece of fruit on it. Another piece of fruit was once more dipped into the cream but this one was then drug up the center of his chest, the cream smearing in a slick white line across his fair skin. By the time the piece was up to his mouth there was no cream left on the fruit.

“Oh dear Me. Look. The fruit is naked. We must do something about that.” She whispering in mock concern as She turned on picked up the can of cream from the table. Holding the can of cream over his chest She pressed the nozzle and proceeded to cover his nipples and then the valley down to his crotch. Taking the piece of fruit once more She dipped it into the pile of sweet cream peaking on his nipple and coated the strawberry with it.


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