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She rose earlier than usual, leaving the bed so as not to wake him and moving to watch the sun rise. She leaned against the side of the window and felt the faint warmth that the new sun released as it creeps over the horizon. The colors starting off as muted darkened tones, but swiftly becoming more and more vibrate as the sun rose from its night bed. All to swiftly the sun pushed past that point on the horizon and banished the purple velvety hues of the night and awakened the world to a new day.

Stretching slowly, flexing each muscle group as She brought Her arms up and over Her head. The movements catlike, silent but making one aware of Her power with each tiny graceful gesture as She worked the kinks out of Her back and shoulders. She pivoted on tiptoes and looks at the bed. He is still sleeping; his body sprawled across the bed, part of it even out of the covers. She stands and watches him for a few moments and the Her lips curl in a wicked smile. Quietly leaving the room and going downstairs, just as quietly a few moments later She returns carrying a covered tray.

She puts the tray down on the table by the bed, careful not to wake him from his slumber. Turning once more and walking to the dresser and taking out some silk ties and tip toeing to the edge of the bed. Tying one end to the post before gently tying the other around his ankle, She goes slowly as to not awaken him. Moving to his other ankle and repeats the same steps. Silently moving up to his wrists She quickly ties him down to the bed. She walks around to the side of the bed, and reaches up on the tray, taking a can from the middle of it. Then smiling a soft innocent smile promptly proceeds to fill his navel with whipped cream.

His eyes shoot open and he attempts to sit up, only to find himself securely attached to the bed. She smiles sweetly and takes a strawberry from the tray. Dipping it and swirling it around on his skin, She brings the plump fruit to Her lips before licking at the cream covering it. Biting it slowly with Her sharp teeth, the juices almost bursting from the ripe berry, a dab of whip cream hovering in the corner of Her lips. Her tongue darted out to sweep it away.


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