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“Oh don’t be a prude. You mean, you’ll eat his cum strait from his cock, but not after he’s dumped it inside of me?” She dropped my head letting her message sink in.
“That’s right bitch. It’s Anderson’s cum. He’s been fucking me this whole time. In fact you’re our little joke. We talk about what a pathetic little fuck you are all the time, and share our jokes with all our friends. Everyone knows how I let your boss fuck me with his huge hot cock and none of them blame me. You know why of course. Because everybody knows that you’re not a man, just a little sissy faggot. I’m glad Anderson finally marked you as his bitch. I’ve been begging him to do it for months.” She hovered over me and a big gob of Anderson’s spunk fell from her pussy splashing onto my lips. Bella giggled.
“Look at how hard your little dick is. It must turn you on knowing you’re a cuckolded bitch, doesn’t it?” I nodded and she started fingering herself still suspended over my face. “Ohhh fuck that feels good, it feels good to finger myself. Sometimes I think I can cum ten times in a day.” Still fingering herself she place her other hand on her flat stomach right bellow her pierced navel and pressed on the soft area above her mound.
“Oh fuck!” I yelled as her piss hit me in my face. She was laughing uncontrollably, bucking her hips, covering my face and chest with her piss. “Fuck you little fairy faggot, eat my piss, drink it like a little fuck cunt slut you are. You sucked a real man’s dick and ate his cum, now all you deserve from me is my piss you fucking faggot. Fuck yes!” And she was right. That did it. Sitting there under her powerful confident stream I thought of Anderson fucking her, them both laughing at me as he came in her pussy. Thinking of him telling her how he humiliated me, thinking of them talking about how she would make me lick his cum out of her later that evening, thinking of how I eagerly did it, just as I had eagerly sucked his cock the day before, just as I desperately, eagerly, pathetically needed Bella to keep pissing all over me. Of course I came. I came and came and came and came. This was what I deserved.
When it was over, Bella rolled off me.
“Fuck that was hot she said.” As she walked toward the bathroom, she looked over her shoulder at me ruined on the bed. “I’m talking a shower. This place is a fucking pigsty. I expect it to be cleaned up when I get back.” When I didn’t move she added, “C’mon already, get to it. You’re not nearly hot enough yet to meet Anderson on Monday. We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

This is the end of the story Bosses Bitch


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