Forced Feminization of Males

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Soft faint moans escaped Her as She started picking up the pace, Her hips moving up and down on him. Grinding down against him with the end of each stroke, rubbing Her clit against him as She continued to ride him, Her hands moving over to take his and press his hands down against the bed as the intensity of the ride mounted. Finally She was reaching Her limit, moving Her hips up and down in short fast strokes, Her nails digging into the back of his hands as She fucked him hard. Lifting Her head only slightly from the kiss and whispering” cum My slut..cum for your Mistress.”

He needed no other words, his hips slamming up off the bed in an attempt to bury his hard cock deeper into Her warm pussy and then releasing the hot white cream inside Her, feeling Her release echoing his as Her body tightened, Her knees pressing hard against his side and She clutched them and then the warm wetness of Her mixing with his cum. Her body shuddering again and again as She kissed him, Her tongue fucking him as She had ridden his cock, then slowing to just softly kissing him as She finally relaxed. Coming now to rest on his chest, the cream wet and cold between them. She wiggling slightly to make certain that they were both covered in the sticky cream and then reaching up to release his wrists from the ties.

“Me thinks someone has to do laundry and I think I need a bath. Do you know who that someone might BE?” She purred softly into his ear.

His arms moving around to hold Her close before he whispered back” the cat?”

The End



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