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Her eyes watching his face as he tipped his head back, his mouth open in a soundless moan at the touch and sensations swirling thru him. Once more the tips of Her nails slide up the throbbing shaft of his cock, trailing up against the vein and then softly raking them across the head. Watching his eyes flash open at the slight pain of Her nails as they cross the tender head and then slowly close as he gives into the sensation once more. Her mouth lowering to the nipple once more, biting it softly up and down the tender tip as Her hand continues to now stroke his cock, biting the tip a little harder when ever Her hand reaches the tip of his cock.

His breathing becomes more labored until he is panting, his body swaying to Her strokes, each one lifting his hips from the bed slightly as he tries to follow Her hand as She releases him each time. Whispering softly” may I cum Mistress”.

Her hand stops, still holding his cock firmly as She lifts Her head to gaze down at the one on the bed. His face red from the exertion of not releasing even though She had been pumping his cock hard and his nipple swollen, red and purple from Her sucking and biting of it. She leans closer and softly kisses his lips murmuring against them “No”.

She sits up and then slides across his body, smearing the rest of the cream against Her as She positions Herself over his cock. Then She slowly lowers Herself down on top of him. Her eyes closing slightly as She feels him slide deeper into Her warm pussy. Wiggling slightly as She takes all of him deep inside Her, growling softly as he fills Her completely. Then opening Her eyes and gazing into his, the tiny dimple flashing once more, “And you may not cum yet either for I am NOT ready yet either”

Setting the pace slow so he can keep from coming, She started to move up and down on his hard cock. Rising up and the slowly sliding back down on the cream slickened shaft She rested Her weight on Her hands. He once more had to resist the strong temptation to pull free from the loosely tied ties and not take Her in his arms and caress Her as She slowly rode him. He watched her as Her eyes slowly drifted closed as She continued to ride him. Keeping his mind from what his body was wanting to do and letting Her use him so that She would cum first. She opened Her eyes and caught him watching, the tiny dimple flashing just before She lowered Her head and took possession of his mouth. Her lips hard against his, crushing them as She ground Hers against him, then pushing deep into his mouth with Her tongue filling his mouth as his cock filled Her pussy.


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