Forced Feminization of Males

So, You Want To Be A Porn Star - By Cute Little Thing

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"Shut up bitch, this is serious. Besides you want it, you're always
teasing me, you little cock tease. Your always walking around drunk,
acting like a like a little girly fuck, now you're gonna get some
dick and your gonna like it."

Jack had taken his penis out of his pants and was stroking it over my

"Open your mouth cunt, you suck on this while I explain to you." He
grabbed my face and pinched my cheeks so my mouth opened and pushed
his hard dick in my mouth, and started fucking my face. I felt his
cock push in and out hitting the back of my throat so I gagged,
dragging against my lips as he pulled out.

"This is the script," he said still fucking my mouth, but now playing
with my dick, and roughly sticking a finger up my ass. "You're some
kid we picked up at the bus station. You say you just turned 18, and
you want to be a porn star. You then act the part. Ben or one of the
others tells you to do something you do it. Or you know what, don't
do if you don't want - I don't fucking care. But if you don't play
the part right, if you don't make it believable, after they rape you,
the guy in the car is gonna come in here and place a load of HIV
infected spunk in your tight little rich-boy slumming with the
working class ass. You understand me?" Jack said his penis still
lodged in my mouth. I nodded, looking up at him.


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