Forced Feminization of Males

So, You Want To Be A Porn Star - By Cute Little Thing

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I took two aspirin, took a fast shower, threw on my dirty jeans, a
grey T-shirt and my jacket and headed down to school. You know, one
thing leads to another. At school, Professor Galloway, who owns my
apartment unit, hit me up for the rent, so I shelled out $400, just
like that - I got lunch around 6:00 pm, and that was another $5. Then
I ran into my waitress buddy Lindsey who deals a little coke, and a
little speed. I bought a gram off her for $50, then made out a little
with her in the stairwell. Before I knew it, it was 10:00 pm. After
smooching a little, Lindsey hit me up for $20 that she needed to get
this hair straitening stuff she likes to use when she iron's her hair
- saying she'd pay me back Monday.

The next thing I know, its 9:45 pm, I'm halfway into a Joreskog
derivation, and I only have, $24 bucks and some change in my pocket,
and Jack is in front of the Math Department honking the horn of his
1985 Oldsmobile. "Oh Fuck." I remember, but its too late, the money's

Jack and I drive about a quarter way out of town, over the railroad
tracks, past our apartment complex, and down the Haig Artery - you
know, kind of near the airport. He stops the car in front of a
nondescript warehouse, industrial-cinderblock building. There's some
graffiti on the side that reads "REVOK", and another that reads
"HENSE". Nobody knows what the hell this graffiti means, just if you
see it, you can be pretty sure you're in a hipster bohemian
neighborhood, and not an outright slum.

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