Forced Feminization of Males

So, You Want To Be A Porn Star - By Cute Little Thing

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"Yeah, look at that cunt's asshole, look at that hot fuck bitches boy
cunt, come plug that ass hole, while I fuck his face." Ben stuck his
hot cock in my mouth and Jack came around and plowed his dick into my
ass, then the others, each taking a turn, stroking into me a few
times and then switching so the other one could. Five of them in all,
all fucking my ass, stretching me farther and farther open, making me
more of a fucking cunt whore with each thrust. Man, I never though I
would let one guy fuck my ass, and here were five taking turns using
me like my ass like it was a bitch pussy, and then each one taking
their hot dicks, still wet from my hole and shoving it into my mouth.

"Oh fuck, you getting that little cunt on film," Ben said. "Okay, now
get ready, cause we're gonna cum all over you, all over your face,
and all in your hole. Look at the camera like you love it. And stroke
that little boy clit of yours."

Ben was fucking me now hard, and I was stroking my own cock.

"Get the camera here, get the camera here!" Ben yelled and pulled his
dick out. "Hold your ass open he yelled." Lost in abandon, I pulled
my ass cheeks as wide as they would go, my hard dick sticking up in
the air. Ben started cuming over and into my open, aching gaping
asshole, and the feeling of his hot spunk hitting those raw nerves
pushed me over the edge. I came better than I ever did before, and as
I did, Jack shot his hot load all over my face.



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