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A Happy Marriage
            My wife and I tell each other everything. Being open about our fantasies and desires has kept our marriage a happy one for over ten years. We’re not swingers, but on several occasions each of us has brought another person into our bed. So I was not surprised when Janet mentioned that she was thinking about doing just that.
            Janet had been talking to her friend Terry one day, when she hit upon an idea. Terry had mentioned that she had hooked up with a guy who had a foot long dong. As my wife related Terry’s story to me, I could tell that her panties were getting wet by the way she kept crossing and uncrossing her legs. Before she finished the story, I knew that Janet would have to have this stud.
            I’ve watched my wife with other men before, and I have even arranged for her to be gangbanged, so the idea of her fucking this guy didn’t bother me at all.
            “Tom,” she said, “will you watch when I’m with this guy?”
            We never do anything without the other person, but sometimes the other person just watches, while other times we have a threesome.
            “Is a foot-long too much to handle,” I asked?
            Janet smiled and twirled her finger through her curly blonde hair.
            “Well, I think it will take all of my attention. But afterwards I’ll take you on, big boy.”
            I laughed and told her to give Terry a call to get this guy’s number. Janet handled everything and the next weekend this guy showed up at our door.
            Janet, wearing nothing but a red bra and panties showed our guest in. His name was Bob and he was proof positive never to judge a book by its cover. I knew Janet found him attractive, with his tight muscles and thick brown hair, but he seemed too short to be wielding such a monster in his pants.
            We chatted for a little while, but Bob wasn’t nervous. I guess with a foot-long, you find yourself in these situations more often than most guys. So after a few drinks, we made our way to the bedroom. I took a chair in a dark corner and watched as Janet unhooked her bra to reveal her perfect C-cup breasts. Bob smiled and began to caress her chest.
            Bob began to lick and suck on my wife and I could tell that Janet was getting excited. He moved his lips down her stomach and tugged at her panties with his teeth. Once he had her panties off, he went in to eat her pussy. But Janet stopped him.
            “Sorry, darling,” Janet said, “but nobody eats my twat except Tom.”
            Janet has a pussy like a honey dipped rose, and I love to eat it for hours on end. It’s our special thing.
            “Well, how am I going to get you wet,” Bob asked?
            “Why don’t you show me that donkey-sized dong you’ve got?”
            Bob smiled and complied, dropping his pants in one fluid motion. I thought Janet’s eyes would pop out of their sockets. Terry had not been exaggerating. Bob was easily over a foot. But Janet was unfazed. She dropped to her knees and began licking and sucking on that huge cock. Bob gave quiet words of encouragement as Janet worked her mouth around the tip of his penis. In no time, he was fully erect, but that didn’t even slow my wife down. I had seen her deep throat guys before, hell she was great at it, but I didn’t think there was anyway she could deep throat Bob. Janet, on the other hand, was willing to give it a go, and I watched as she took Bob’s cock in deeper and deeper with each suck.
            Janet was gagging hard and streams of spit ran down her chin and chest, but she just kept going deeper. I could see that Bob was surprised; after all he had probably never had a woman take that whole monster in. Finally, after five minutes of working, Janet hit pay dirt; her face was buried against Bob’s pelvis, his cock all the way down her silky throat. Janet and Bob groaned with pleasure. Janet then released him from her grip and got back onto the bed. She spread her legs and beckoned Bob towards her.
            Bob entered her and my wife’s rosy little pussy swallowed his cock once again. Janet moaned with pleasure, her boobs bouncing in rhythm to Bob’s thrusts. Janet screamed and I knew she was cumming. She rolled over and got on all fours. Bob entered her again and his pole quickly found her g-spot. Janet’s next scream of pleasure was buried in the pillow. She lifted her head, and biting her lip she said: “Fuck my ass, fuck my ass now!”
            Bob pulled his rod out, and it was slick with my wife’s pussy juice. Now I was worried, that thing could break her in two, I thought, but Janet was in ecstasy. Bob plunged deep inside her ass and Janet let loose with a furious, orgasmic cry. Finally, with Janet panting and moaning, Bob announced that he was going to cum. He turned Janet around and shot his sticky, hot load into her eager mouth.
            Bob collapsed on the bed. But Janet, disheveled, sweaty and covered with cum was not yet finished. By now, I had my prick out and it was hard. Janet walked over to me, and wiping the cum from her lips, she knelt down to suck on my member. It didn’t take long, as the sight of watching my wife fuck such a big cock had nearly sent me over the edge. I pressed the back of Janet’s head hard against my lap and shot my jizz down her throat. She purred as she gulped down every last drop of my love juice.


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