training sissy male maids
Mistress Abigail loved training sissy male maids so much that she set up an academy just for this purpose. Mistresses from all over the country would send her their slaves to be feminized.



She found that training sissy male maids not only fulfilled some deep desire in her, it also proved to be quite lucrative. In addition, she never had to any housework ever again.

It all started with her husband, Brian. One day he told her that he wanted to dominate him sexually. They started off by playing some S&M games in the bedroom. She seemed quite open to this, so he then admitted that he liked to dress up in women’s clothing. She quite liked the idea of this, as she was a bit bisexual, and was fed up with his macho beer guzzling ways.

She did a bit of research on the internet, and devised a plan of action.



When he came home from work one day, he found her dressed in leather with a whip in hand. “Take off your clothes, and kneel on the floor, and worship my boots” she barked.

He complied with her request.

Then she beat him hard with a paddle until he was really sore.

Then she started being really sweet with him, playing with his prick, and started dressing him in a maid’s outfit she had purchased over the internet. Then came the white stockings and high heeled shoes.

“Clean the kitchen now, and vacuum the floors” – she ordered. While he was doing this, she would come and stroke his penis, and give him some TLC.

Then when he finished she beat him again, and allowed him to worship her pussy.

“You have been a good girl”, she said. “If you are good, I will let you dress up again, another time”.


This idea quite attracted Brian. Especially as his mistress seemed quite loving and sexual towards him when he was dressed as a maid.

Abigail repeated this scenario every day for a month. Brian loved it more and more. He stopped wearing his male clothes after that, and even started to think as a woman.

Although Abigail had no need for any more maids, she realized that she could make some money out of this.

Not every dominant female in her city had the time or ability to train their husbands in this way, so she started advertising in her local dominant wives group, and on the internet.

Pretty soon, two or three new trainees came along. They were not sure what to expect at first, but they were soon fully into their new role. Abigail had to create work, by deliberately trashing her place up, and lending them out to female neighbors who wanted some help with their housework.

That is the story how Mistress Abigail’s male maid training academy started.

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