cuckold humiliation

The phenomenon of teen forced crossdressing is not that common, but it has definitely increased in recent years, the reason that teen forced crossdressing is so rare, is that usually teens live at home, under the loving protection of their parents.




However when they live apart from them – for instance in a college single sex dormitory, in an army dormitory, or in a juvenile jail, then this practice becomes more of a possibility.

Why would anyone want to force a teen to crossdress? Well the answer to this (and many other questions), boils down to sex.

Some people get really turned on seeing men crossdress. It combines many different fetishes:

a) repressed homosexual desire
b) heterosexual desire (with a bit of imagination, that is really a woman sitting there, not a crossdresser)
c) all the shame and guilt of doing something so taboo

If people are living in an enclosed environment with someone that they have forced to crossdress, then they may also be tempted to rape or otherwise abuse them. This is always just plain wrong, and may cause considerable harm to the victim.

Forcing someone to crossdress may involve stockings, panties, and women’s dresses.

More likely it will just involve a little make up, and a few other token symbols of femininity like a hair band. This is a lot simpler to organize than a whole crossdressing wardrobe!

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