stories forced feminization
Do you like reading stories forced feminization as the subject matter, I am listing a few here just to get you in the mood, these stories are all about some hapless guy who is forced to dress and behave like a slut




Basketball player gets feminized

A small man has fantasized about crossdressing from an early age. When his wife finds a strange number on the phone bill, she calls the number, talks to the phonesex girl, forces him to wear a bikini and then service the neighborhood nasty boy.

Forced Femme Slut - part 1

Seems that he got himself into a little trouble with Mistress and now has to bring shaving cream, razors and stockings to the Mansion, but he's not sure why...

Forced Femme Slut - part 2

Slut is back at Mistress's and being forced to wear make-up, stockings, and a cock-ring. He makes such a good little femme-slut.

Hypnotized by Chelsea

:Alex has been bothering sexy Chelsea for several months. She offers to erotically hypnotize him to get him to stop bothering her. While hypnotized, Alex is led to picture himself as a woman having sex, who desires men.

Sorority Sex Slave

I wondered how I got myself into this, as I stared at the five shaved glistening pussies pointed at my face - but wasn't it obvious? I'd brought it on myself. Actually this is not a forced feminization story, as it is about a female who is forced into the sex slave role.

Excerpt from “Hypnotized by Chelsea”

"I know what motivates you, your penis - or rather your desire to stick your penis into me - or whatever disgusting things you think about late at night with your dick in your hand. You're not going to stop bothering me until we resolve this. So this is what we're going to do. You're going to strip down naked, and I am going to hypnotize you, and when we're done, you'll be satisfied, and I'll be relieved that you won't bother me."
"Hypnotize me?"

" Oh don't be such a little prima donna. Did you hear me, I'm going to let you take your clothes off in front of me - isn't that what you've been fantasizing about? Or at least part of it." Now come on. Five minutes later I was reclining on her couch, naked with a hardon. She had already made fun of my penis, and told me how small and ridiculous I was, and how funny she thought it was that I ever entertained the notion that she would let me fuck her. She had gotten some Astro glide from her room and had given it to me.

"Now listen, Alex. The first thing you are going to do is to take this lube and stroke your little dick. I want you to stroke your cock back and forth until you are totally aroused, listen to my voice, but imagine the sexiest thing you can imagine. Don't be shy, just imagine something extremely hot and sexy, and stroke your dick - but don't you dare cum, do you understand?" "Are you serious?" "Oh Alex just shut up and go along with this - like you don't want to jack off in front of me - please spare me the mock embarrassment.".

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