sissy training

sissy training - Many people love the idea of sissy training, they find all the responsibilities of life becoming a burden on them, how much easier it would be to just give up all your macho control, and drift off into a world of sissy training.

Instead of worrying about paying the mortgage or meeting your targets at work, all you wuld have to think about is what spices to have with the chicken tonight, or exactly what brand cleaner produces the best result.

Apart from that, it is also a major sexual fetish for guys to be trained by their wives how to be a sissy. This gives them permission to indulge in their fantasies that would otherwise remain repressed, and probably unfulfilled.

A sissy cannot train himself. He needs someone else to train him – to set up a system of rewards and punishments to encourage his sissy behavior. Then he can go far more into the experience.

The rewards could be sexual – like stroking his penis, or allowing him to orally service his mistress, and the punishments could also be sexual – like denying these, or denying him orgasms. Alternatively, his punishments could involve extra beatings or humiliation – as long as it was established that he was not actually enjoying these.
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