There is something strangely erotic about the idea of sissy maids, they have given up all dignity, and maleness for a life of humiliation, servitude, crossdressing, and patheticness.

Sissy maids



Sissy maids


They have given up their ego, and their mind, in order to become a transvestite offering for the pleasure of their mistress.

While a mistress may enjoy her housework being done, and being pleasured on demand.

Not to mention the sadistic pleasure that comes from torturing and humiliating her maid, and exerting her power over him. She also loses her best friend and her macho lover who can relate to her on an equal power basis.

She may love her maid, in the same way that she loves her poodle, but that is no substitute for a best friend who has equal power and assertiveness.

That is why some women who have sissy maids decide to cuckold him, and take other lovers. This causes intense feelings in the maid, of either pleasure or pain or both.

If the pain gets too much, then it might be appropriate to walk out of the situation, as a last resort. He would be devastated to do that. While the mistress will lose her pet, the maid will have spent years of his life with one goal to serve his mistress. To walk away from this will cause incredible feelings of loss.

That is why many maids are willing to put up with whatever situations arise, and just surrender more and more.

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