sissy maid training
There is nothing more important for the average dominant female than sissy maid training, iit is so great to dress your submissive husband up as a sissy maid training him to serve your every need.



You would be really surprised how easy this is, as most men have a secret fetish about this. It just needs a little encouragement on your part.

Maybe a few beatings, a bit of discipline, and a nice dose of humiliation is all it needs. Add to that a few sexual rewards, like playing with his penis if he is a good sissy maid, and letting you orally service you, or have a strap on session. Plus of course a few punishments if he is naughty, like not letting orgasm, or beating him really hard.


That is pretty much all it takes for sissy maid training. Soon you will have your very own maid who will do all the housework for you, after she comes back from a hard day’s work at the office and changes into all her gear. Then she will tend to your every need, and let you choose what to watch on television, or what to eat for dinner.

No more arguments, or macho resistance!

The sissy maid gets a lot out of it too.

She gets to serve her mistress and make her happy. This alone is the greatest reward for a well trained maid. Also she gets to act out her sexual fantasy. She will be sexually aroused all the time – even when washing up.


The fact that it is so taboo, will make it even more exciting for both of you.

Training a sissy maid is pretty much like training a dog. You just need a set of rewards and punishments in place. It is, in fact, a lot easier than training a dog, as you can use language, and logic. Also you can use sexual rewards and punishments. And these are pretty much the most powerful motivators there are.












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