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sissy maid stories - there are loads of sissy maid stories to be found all over the internet, one of my favorites is ‘Forced Femme Slut', you can really sense the power and dominance coming from the mistress - that is the reason I like this more than all the other sissy maid stories out there.

__________excerpt from ‘Forced Femme Slut’__________

“mmmmm hit it again lori. Now do it softly, W/we are training him remember.” Madam instructed her.

Now soft slaps from the crop stuck his cock as he tried quickly to get the stocking up his leg and straight. She only stopped when he had them both on and fastened.

“Put on the heels now slut.” Ordered Madam.

He stood up and put the first one on the floor, trying to slide his foot into the stiff leather only to find lori behind him with the crop, slapping his ass with it. He wanted to not wiggle his ass but found himself doing just that, swaying it a little side to side begging for the blows to land as he worked to get the shoe on his foot. He was surprised that it fit him. He put the other one down on the floor, whimpering as he felt another blow striking his ass as he struggled to get the shoe on as well.

He stood up in the heels, wobbling a little for a moment but then standing tall in front of lori and Madam. Madam gestured toward the maid outfit.

“put it on slut, I am hungry and you are to serve today.” Madam said.

He pulled the tight latex outfit over his head and struggled a little to get it down as the latex was tight but giving. Lori continued to rain little smacks to both his cock and ass as he tried to get both covered up. Tears threatened to spill his eyelids as he felt the pain from the blows on both parts of him. Finally he had the dress down and covering both his cock and ass though neither one covered well.

Madam gestured for him to slowly turn around. “I think he will do nicely to serve don’t you little whore? “ smiling at lori now. “Take him down and help him prepare lunch for Me.”

Madam leaned back on the pillows that filled the top part of the bed, closing Her eyes and dismissing both little sluts to go do Her bidding.

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