forced feminization stories
Robin was a sissy cuckold, his wife and mistress Frances had dominated him more and more over the years, it started as a bit of S&M play in the bedroom (which was initiated by Robin), then he became more and more feminized, as she became more and more dominant.



Frances decided that the best way to exert control was to turn Robin into a sissy cuckold, and destroy his macho ego once and for all. This had been the cause of so much conflict earlier on in the marriage, that it was such a relief to get rid of it.

She created a fetish in him for wearing women’s clothes by dressing him in them, while touching his penis and speaking lovingly to him. She never did this when he was dressed in men’s clothes, so pretty soon, his penis had made the association.

Then she dressed him in women’s clothes all the time around the house, and put him in a chastity device.

While it was quite convenient to have a slave like this to pleasure her, and do the housework, it was not the same as being fucked by a real macho man, so Frances started seeing someone she met at the bar in order to get her womanly needs met.

Of course she told Robin everything that was going on, as she wanted to humiliate him further to push him into new levels of submission.

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