Steve and Patrick are two happy male toilet slaves, Steve is owned by his wife, Mistress Liza, and Patrick is owned by Mistress Sarah, his long term 'girlfriend'.

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Liza and Sarah love having them as their male toilet slaves and use them all the time. It is so much easier than having to go to the bathroom all the time.

Once a week, they all get together, and go out for a meal. Then they go round to Steve and Liza's place, which is always kept immaculately clean and tidy by Steve. Then Liza and Sarah have some fun, tormenting and humiliating their slaves.

It all started a couple of years ago. Steve confessed to his wife that he wanted to be sexually dominated by a woman. Liza thought this was really weird at first. But she did a bit of research on the internet, and thought it might be fun to give it a go.

She bought a leather outfit, and started humiliating and beating Steve in the bedroom. Steve loved it, and after a while, he became even more submissive, and she became more dominant. She had read a bit about golden showers, and really liked the idea, as it looked like a good way to humiliate him further.

One night, she tied him up face up on the bed as usual, and whipped him mercilessly. She made sure that she had put a sheet of plastic under the sheet. She had made sure that she had been drinking a lot of water just before.

Then she sat on his face and ordered him to lick her pussy. This felt good, and she got quite aroused. Then she said ‘As a reward for giving me pleasure, I have decided to give you some of my golden nectar’. She immediately started to release her urine into his face. ‘Drink it slave – drink it!’

Steve was a bit shocked, as he was not expecting this. But his first instinct was always to be obedient. Plus, he didn’t really want urine all over the bed and bedroom. So he opened his mouth wide, and swallowed. ‘Hmm, he thought. That wasn’t so bad. It’s quite nice and warm’. He worshipped his mistresses pussy so much, that anything coming from there really turned him on.

He was really happy that he was able to reach a new level in his submissiveness, and that he had just swallowed it without a fight. He got a twinge in his prick at this thought.

Then Liza told her friend Sarah, and then they started these weekly humiliation parties.

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