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There are two types of male maids - the most when they do it out of a perverse sexual desire, normally they need to involve other people in this behavior to make the feelings more intense.

Forced Feminization of Sissies

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The least interesting is the utterly sexless and boring sort you may get at a hotel where they are so anti sexist that they actually allow guys to do the maid’s job, and call them maids.

Actually I don’t know for sure if this does happen, but I expect it might do if the owner of the hotel was a staunch feminist.


They may get their wife involved in giving them tasks and generally bossing them around.

For many wives this is a big turn off. They want a big macho man to penetrate them, dominate them, and be chivalrous to them. – not a sissy maid.

However it does have its advantages. Once a man relies on you to indulge his fetish behavior, you have him pretty much in your power.

Men are like walking penises, and will do anything to gratify their desires. This is because the hormones and chemicals released into the blood stream on sexual arousal are so pleasurable, it makes all other motivating forces pale into insignificance.

We evolved this way to help us procreate our species, but with a little bit of reprogramming inside the man’s brain, he can be made to do anything, including being a male maid.

Let him make the bed, change the sheets, bring you a tray every morning with teapot, teacup, milk etc.

Let him make the house spotless everyday before giving you a sensuous massage, and pleasuring you for hours with his tongue without asking anything in return.

Sounds too good to be true. But it is all perfectly possible. You just need to play your cards right, and you too can have a male maid!

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