male feminization

male feminization - every man craves femininity, they fantasize about sweet ladies in lingerie and stockings, some men crave this so much, that it is no longer enough to be in the presence of someone like that, or even to penetrate them, they even want to become them, that is the only way that they can find peace.

There is something about male feminization that makes a lot of guys really horny, for some reason it is a real taboo in our culture, it is OK for women to join the army and dress and behave like real macho men, no-one bats an eyelid.

But for a man to even admit that he feels a bit sensitive, and everyone roars with laughter at this wimp. Male feminization may be sometimes ridiculed, but it is an important step for any man to truly experience the totality of what being human is all about.

Just as it is important for women to learn to develop a backbone, and get into their power, it is also important for a man to develop his sensitive, female side. If they do not do that, they are both limited to expressing only one half of our common huminity.

Adolescent boys are under great social pressure to act macho. This is true, not just in more or less every culture, but also more or less every species – especially of the higher mammals.

The reason they have this pressure is that without it, they would never become macho. And females tend to be attracted sexually towards macho men to impregnate them. Although they might not be the easiest people to live with, at least their genes are likely to produce a healthy strong child.

In the wild, this may be a good thing, but that does not mean we have to follow the same rules in our civilized society.

Yes it is good to be able to access our power when we need to, but it is also very important to be in touch with our feminine side: our feelings, intuition, sensitivity, receptivity etc.

This will allow men to feel much more fulfilled as a human being.

Some men take this further and like to wear women’s clothing or make up.

This does not mean that they are gay. In fact usually cross dressers are heterosexual.

It just means that they love femininity.

The most extreme place men can end up with this is to become a transsexual, and to have their male genitals removed. This is a high price to pay, but to some people, it is worth it.

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