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forced feminization stories
The forced feminization of men is one of those unpleasant activities that has gone on since the beginning of time – especially in situations where there were not enough women to go around.



forced feminization of men

Man’s number one need is to penetrate women. Therefore, if this is not possible due to lack of women, then thoughts sometimes turn to forced feminization of men, followed by their penetration.

This is, of course, unethical, illegal, and a cause of great suffering for the victims involved. Nevertheless it is reasonably common.

What follows is a true story:

Some men were in the Navy together, where there was a definite shortage of women. The choices were either to forego sex, or to choose one of their number to forcibly feminize. What they did was to put their penises on the table, and the man with the shortest penis, was then treated as a woman, and used sexually.

That man later on became a cross dresser, and lived with another man. He lived in a world of inner turmoil, and was not at peace with himself. Whether this was related to his feminization or not is hard to say.

A much more pleasant way to be forcibly feminized is by one’s wife, girlfriend or mistress. Here the force element is a lot less, as you are technically always free to walk out. However some men have ended up being enslaved by their wives, and unable to resist their commands.

The wives have learned how to control their husband, by controlling and channeling their sexuality. The key to this is often stopping a man masturbating – either by threats, a solemn vow, or a chastity device. Once this happens, a man can only orgasm when his wife allows it. So he better please her, otherwise he will experience continual sexual frustration with no release.

Once she has him in her power, she can feminize him as much as she chooses. Some wives make their husbands dress as maids, do all the housework, and orally service them every night.

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