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Forced Crossdressing - There are many people who would get really bored just putting on women’s clothes, but where there is an element of forced crossdressing, the whole thing becomes much more of a turn on.

The forced aspect totally removes all of the guilt and shame. The crossdresser is no longer doing anything ‘naughty’, as he has no control over his actions.

Also there is the masochistic surrender of our will to another. This gives an incredible release, as we no longer have to shoulder our massive responsibilities to pay the mortgage, or meet deadlines at work. Instead we just revert to an infantile state of bliss.

Crossdressing is also a turn on because many men spend all their lives looking at pictures of women in sexy clothes, and really wanting to hang out with them, talk to them, kiss them, penetrate them etc. How about becoming them? That is really the ultimate end point of our desire.

To become a sexy girl is not that easy for the average guy. Second best is to dress like them, and use our imagination to do the rest.

Forced crossdressing fills all these fantasies at once, and that is why it is a really common fantasy.

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