There are loads of forced crossdressing stories out there on the internet, the force aspect could include physical force, blackmail, or just basic contol.

forced feminization stories



Here is a sample from ‘Hypnotized by Chelsea’

The way that you can please me is by being a gorgeous, beautiful, succulent 19 year old girl. Not any old girl, but a true beauty. I want you to take a moment and allow yourself to imagine this girl, the girl is what your unconscious chooses as the perfect size and weight.

First I want you to picture what the perfect females beautiful painted toes would look like, would they be polished or clear, what is the color of the polish, are you wearing shoes, or are you still barefoot.
Look down at your gorgeous beautiful perfect youthful feet and imagine the curve of your heal running into a beautifully smooth and perfect calf.
Your calf is exactly how it should be for the most beautiful girl in the world, shaped just as it should be and you can picture it taught and firm and curved as though you were on tip toes stretching upward with until your thighs tensed in that incredibly beautiful way your gorgeous thighs tense, look down and see your incredible thighs, show them to yourself, allow yourself to enjoy their shape and texture as they slope upward and then curve ever so delicately back towards your vagina.

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