feminization stories
There are many great crossdressing stories available on the internet, all of these feminization stories have the theme of a guy mentally turning into a woman – either voluntarily or by some sort of external force.



Here is an excerpt from one such story – ‘Hypnotized by Chelsea’

Yes, now I want you to imagine your vagina - your perfect little vagina, take a moment and sit cross-legged, let your cute girly skirt hike up and examine the folds of your pussy.

Maybe its shaved clean or groomed in a way that's appealing to you, after all you are most incredibly gorgeous and beautiful girl in the entire world and your vagina looks just as you would expect the most perfect and succulent lickable, fuckable vagina to look.

Oooooh notice your vagina is tingling, down there at the base of it by your perineum, the clean smooth beautiful stretch of skin that stretches achingly from your vagina to your asshole. Your asshole is so beautiful, pink and rosey, like a little deliciously clean button surrounded by two incredibly toned and shaped globes of your perfect ass. You love your ass don't you? You think your ass is the most incredible ass ever, and it feels so good now as you get on your hands and knees and arch your back so that your pert tight ass sticks high up in the air, and your flat incredible tummy stretches taught.

What does your stomach look like? Do you have tan lines from your sexy bikini, is your belly button pierced, like a little tart, and goodness, imagine your breasts hanging from your chest. Doesn't it feel incredibly to have round beautiful breasts, the most incredible breasts in the entire world? I bet it does. What kind of breast do you have, imagine their size and their shape, look down at your chest and allow yourself to see your wonderful breasts. In your mind call them your tits, your man pleasers, and know that men watch you as you walk down the street desiring your pretty little ass and your perfect tits, your flat little stomach, the curve of your thigh and your beautiful face.
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