forced feminization stories
Mistress Tina had read a lot about how desirable it was to have a cuckold submissive husband, and it made her really wet to think about it, she had been training her husband Nigel for two years now, and she flirted a bit with other guys in front of him, but had never taken it further.



She intended to change that as soon as possible. She had been dropping hints for some time now, that this was the way things were going. Nigel always protested against this, but secretly, he got really excited at the idea of being a cuckold submissive husband.

Then one day Tina answered a personal ad on the internet and arranged to meet up at a restaurant. She gave Nigel a severe beating that day, and told him what was going to happen. He objected, so she beat him some more, until he accepted it.

She made him bathe her, and help her choose an outfit while she verbally humiliated him how she had to look elsewhere for sex, as he could no longer satisfy her. This made Nigel sad, but it also gave him a rock hard erection which did not go unnoticed.

Tina took her mobile phone with her, and kept on phoning Nigel through the evening, to let him know what a great time she was having, and how turned on she was by this guy.

She then came back about 3.00 am and made Nigel lick out her pussy. They were both so turned on at this stage, that she decided to make it a weekly event.

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