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I have been fascinated with latex lingerie for years, for me it just has everything. Visual appeal and the texture of latex lingerie, is second to none it just feels so good to touch. I am incredibly lucky that my wife Pam loves wearing latex lingerie and indulges me in wearing it as often as possible. It accentuates every good point about her body she has beautiful breasts and long lean legs. I first introduced Pam to latex lingerie when we were dating and bought her a few items to test her reaction. Luckily she loved the bra and panties and said that wearing them
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  It was my husband who first expressed an interest in cock and ball torture. I was not sure if I would enjoy it or if he would be experiencing a lot of pain when I did it to him. He reassured me and we came up with a safe word that if things got too much then we would stop immediately. So one night when we both had the house to ourselves we set the scene. Both feeling aroused over what was about to happen. My hubby had a leisurely bath whilst I took a shower to give me more time to get things
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  The foot mistress indulges every possible foot fetish you may have, whether its massaging feet or smelling feet or maybe being dominated by a womanÂ’s feet. My friend Tom loves his visits to his foot mistress who works hard to satisfy his every desire. When Tom goes to his mistress he refers to himself as a foot slave and he started to lick her nylons and pull them off with his teeth so he could suck on her soft pink toes. As he pulled off the nylons he could feel his erection rising and as he looked down and saw MistressÂ’ perfect pedicure
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