cuckold humiliation

Stories, pictures, videos and articles - cuckold humiliation means when the dominant wife decides to take a lover for the purpose of humiliating her husband (who is usually chaste), in order to drive him into deeper levels of submission to her.

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The word cuckold comes from the French word for Cuckoo. The fact that cuckoos lay their eggs in other nests is a bit analagous to being adulterous. Hence the expression.

For cuckolding to work, a wife must have already achieved a certain level of dominance over her husband. Otherwise he may just rebel, and threaten something in return, like ending the relationship, for instance.

Then the cuckolding will increase her dominance. Usually the man will feel two very strong emotions. The first one is jealousy, which is very painful and unpleasant. The second one is extreme horniness and desire. It is this horniness that will drive him into deeper submission, as he will want you more than ever, and will do anything to make you happy.

The technique of making your husband jealous to make him more attentive or submissive is as old as the hills, and has been used since the beginning of civilization.

There are in fact good scientific reasons why it works, related to Darwinian natural selection.

From the husband's genes point of view it is a disaster, because it reduces the chance of a future baby of yours containing his genes. This is the reason it feels so unpleasant - to motivate him to prevent it from happening.


If you were to measure his sperm production in this time, you would find that it increased significantly. This explains his horny feelings.

The reason for this is that if he did actually get to have sex with you, the extra sperm would be more likely to result in conception.

So his genes are fighting back on two fronts.

A woman has to very careful how she goes about this. If she misjudges it, her marriage could end in divorce.

A lot depends on whether the guy can handle it. He really has to make a choice if he is going to suffer the jealousy, or if he is going to give his wife her freedom. If he chooses the latter, it will definitely make life a lot easier for both of them, and the husband can really start to enjoy the feelings that result from it.

The feelings will be more intense if the wife includes the husband. For instance she can make him watch, or serve them drinks and snacks. Or if this is not possible, she could phone him while she is out with her date, and humiliate him, and tell him what a great time they are having.

If the husband really cannot handle it, however, then it is best not to do it. The scantity of the marriage vows must come first. Also it is just not right to cause another person so much pain if it is avoidable.




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