Forced Feminization of Males

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He felt her nipple harden as His hand was crushed against her chest, a faint smile flickering over His lips as He pretended to attempt to remove His hand from her grasp all the while caressing the bud that was springing to life under His fingers. He pinched the tip softly, then a little harder as He watched her face, the faint frown and then hearing the soft gasp as her mouth softened at the teasing of the swollen nipple.

“And why might you think this would interest Me?” He asked as He tugged slowly on the hard nipple.

“I don’t know if it would but it is all I could offer to You.” She replied breathlessly as her body started to respond to the torment of her nipple.

She slowly uncrossed her long legs, the pleated skirt riding up higher on the firm thigh, showing off the white panties that had been hidden under there. Even from where He stood He could smell the faint musk scent of her arousal and He knew that if He touched the cotton panties they would be damp already.

He tugged at His hand as His fingers curved over the firm breast, cupping it as He pretended to be attempting to free Himself from her grasp. The hard nipple throbbed against the palm of His hand, begging to be suckled hard and bitten. He heard rather then saw the button giving way on her starched shirt, but He saw the edge of her bra as it parted, opening wider as He slowly tugged on His hand. His eyes flickered up to gaze into hers and a cruel smile settled on His firm lips as He finally extracted His hand from her clutch. Pulling back from her, watching as she trembled on the chair, His eyes taking in the view of her shirt partly open, exposing the lace of the thin bra, the nipple a deeper rose from His pinching of it, His eyes sliding down to gaze at the panties that were exposed as well

He nodded slightly to the quivering girl, before whispering softly, “you will do anything I want? Is that what you are offering to me?” He asked, as He remained motionless.


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Forced Feminization of Sissies at hands of dominant TV mistresses

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