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His eyes roamed over her slight body, the white shirt showing plainly the white bra that Held her firm breasts barely in check, the pleated skirt that even now had ridden up on her firm thighs, hinting at delights hidden underneath it. He felt Himself hardening as He continued to gaze at her, waiting for her to continue.

She shifted in the chair slightly, crossing and uncrossing her long legs nervously. Each time His eyes followed the flash of smooth flesh that was exposed as the limbs curved around each other only to move again almost as soon as they are settled into place. He continued to watch her, waiting for her to decide what it was that she was going to offer Him, for He knew that she was going to offer something. Sometimes it was money for a better grade, other times it was sexual. The money did not interest Him but the other did. His eyes roved over her young body, taking in the firm breasts that strained against the bra down across her flat stomach to the hidden treasure that resided under her short skirt. His eyes wandered back up to her trembling lips, a faint cruel smile curving His as He watched her eyes widen as if she knew what He was wanting from her.

“I can not afford to fail this class Sir, nor can I have a low grade on my record.” She whispered softly. “I will do what I need Sir to get a good grade.” She continued softly, swallowing silently.

He stood and wandered around the desk until He stood behind her, His hand resting lightly on her shoulder. Leaning down, His mouth just brushing the edge of her ear as He repeated her words. “Anything you say? I do not need money, nor can I think of anything that I do need. I can provide you with the names of several tutors that could help you and are in need of money so that they can help you perhaps.” He replied as He started to straighten back up.

She turned in the chair quickly, her face coming even with His, her eyes full of tears as she gazed deep into His dark ones, His hand having slide down from her shoulder when she turned resting now on the arm of the chair. She picked up His hand and brought it to her chest, clutching it tightly as she spoke. “I would not think to offer money Sir for I know that would insult you, but there are other things that I can do that might be ways of paying you back for the time you spend in helping me improve my grades.”


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