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Education of Holly Part 1

He had carefully handed out each textbook, noting which student was who. A faint sardonic smile curved His thin lips as He watched the students fill up the chairs of the lecture room. Friends had wondered why He had chosen to come to this small school, but seeing all the young girls, no wait, young ladies really, sitting in the chairs with their school uniforms on and He knew He had made the right choice in joining this college. Very few schools still required that the students dress in uniforms and there was just something about the girls in their outfits that did arouse Him.

The weeks passed quickly and the mid terms were coming up. He had passed out a list of readings that had needed to be done and the papers turned in this week. The afternoon was getting late when He heard a faint knock on the door of His office. He rose from behind the oak desk that almost filled His entire office and advanced to slowly open the door, keeping His expression gruff so as to fill the young lady waiting outside with some despair.

“Hello Holly.” He said, His deep voice soft in her ears. “To what do I owe the honor of your presence? It could not be the term paper you were supposed to turn in on Monday now would it? Surly not when I do not have the pleasure of your presence in class often enough.“ His lips curling slightly as He pondered the faint blush that had fled first from her pale cheeks and then down her thin throat only to be lost under the plain white shirt.

“Sir I had hoped to talk to you about the paper yes.” She fumbled over the words slightly as she pushed her long blond hair back over her shoulder. “I have not had time yet to write the paper and was hoping to get an extension or something. I am just not understanding the works, perhaps something for extra credit or tutoring?” she asked softly.

He sighed, as He stood back from the door and motioned for her to enter His office. He gestured for her to take the other chair in the room before crossing to sit behind the large oak desk that dominated the place. He templed His fingers and propped His chin on the tips as He gazed over the young lady that sat before Him.


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