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Her mouth nuzzling his ear as She whispers softly against him, “ok My slut? You have done very well for your first time in the chains”

The pain had faded as She caressed his skin, leaving just the warmth and tingling behind. Her hand slide down his chest and brushed against his hard cock once more, stroking the long shaft and then brushing the wet tip, smearing the precum over the purple head and up the shaft to lubricate it. He sensed that She had moved slightly away for a moment but Her hand had not left his cock as She continued to stroke it slowly. His eyes closed slowly as She continued to draw Her fingers up and down the hard thick shaft, sliding down to fondle his balls. He groaned louder as Her fingers played over his cock only to jerk sharply as he felt the sudden smack of a small crop on his ass.

“MMMMMmmmm…” he murmured as She continued to stroke his cock and the small crop landed on his ass. Each stroke matched the other, as they were pushing him closer to cumming, the pain slowly building from the blows of the crop, each feeding into the other. Her lips brushed back and forth against his ear, nipping the lobe and sucking it into Her warm mouth. He felt his legs trembling as the sensations built, pleasure in his cock and the stinging blows warming his tight ass. He tried to thrust his cock into Her hand and draw away from the blows only to be held tight by the chains, forced to stay still as She worked his cock and ass. His head dropping forward as he just let the sensations wash over him, coming in waves, pulling him along until he could no longer hold back. Thick creamy strands arched from the head of his cock and splattering on the floor. Soft guttural moans filled the room as he spasm again and again in Her hands, shuddering in the chains.

She moved over and grabbed a chair, unfolding the blanket that was kept there. Bringing the chair over behind him, She gently released him from the chains and lowered him down into the chair. Wrapping the blanket tightly around him so he would not fall out, She walked over to the refrigerator and took the fruit juice out and brought it over to help him drink.

“Relax My slut, relax. Today you took another step toward becoming what you sought. Relax and enjoy.” She said as She tucked the blanket in around him.

the end


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Forced Feminization of Sissies at hands of dominant TV mistresses

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